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Mortimer, Edward

  • Person
  • 1767-1819

Edward Mortimer was a prominent merchant in the Town of Pictou. He was born circa 1767 at Keith, Banffshire, Scotland. He came to Nova Scotia circa 1788 and worked for the firm of Liddells in Halifax, working on a trading schooner. Several years later he settled at Pictou, established a very successful trading business, which dealt mainly in timber, and became a substantial land owner. He married Sarah Patterson, the daughter of Squire John Patterson. He was named as judge of the Inferior Court of Common Pleas, Chief Magistrate of Pictou and was elected to the Legislative Assembly in 1799 and served there until his death in 1819. Sarah died in 1835 and the couple did not have any children.

Sutherland, Marguerite

  • Person

Marguerite Sutherland was a Pictou, Nova Scotia resident who collected original items regarding Nova Scotian and Town of Pictou history.

Whynot, Elden

  • Person
  • 1905-1997

Elden Whynot was born at Milton, Queens County, Nova Scotia ca. 1905, the son of Abram and Catherine (Cunningham) Whynot. He was educated in Shelburne and later New York, where he was employed at the Chase Manhattan Bank. Throughout his life he was an amateur photographer and in the mid 1930s he attended the Pace Institute in New York City. In 1943 he returned to Nova Scotia and settled in Shelburne where he established a photography studio which specialized in portrait and wedding photos. He also served as a civilian photographer for HMCS Shelburne. Whynot married (1) Edith E. Monroe and (2) Rhoda (Noni) Lenora Ryder. Whynot died 7 October 1997.

Sutherland, James

  • Person
  • 1801-1883

James Sutherland was born 15 December 1801 at Barrington. He was married Jemima Lear Cox, born 16 June 1805 and died at Barrington in 1882. They had 10 children (including Henry Sorrell and Robert Hamilton). Sutherland died at Barrington 5 February 1883.

McClearn, William

  • Person
  • 1844-1898

William Knight McClearn was born 10 May 1844 at Little Harbour, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia, the son of William and Mary (Dunlop) McClearn. He married (1) Augusta Swansburg in 1876 and (2) Joanne Catherine (Katie) Decker in 1891. William did not have any children with either wife. He worked as a lobster fisherman in the Little Harbour area and died while tending his traps on 22 April 1898.

McClearn, Joanne Catherine

  • Person
  • 1860-1922

Joanne Catherine (Katie) McClearn was born 17 January 1860, the daughter of Michael and Maria Decker. In 1891 she married William K. McClearn, a Little Harbour, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia lobster fisherman who died in 1898 while tending his traps. Katie died 28 May 1922.

Durfee, Joseph

  • Person
  • 1725-1801

Joseph Durfee was a merchant, farmer, mariner and shipowner. He was originally from Newport, Rhode Island, where he was a Lieutenant in the Corps of the Loyal Newport Associates, who saw action in the War of Independence. Durfee was one of the founders of the Port Roseway Associates, which was formed in 1783 to organize those Loyal Americans who wished to resettle in Port Roseway (presently Shelburne), N.S. He was chosen to be one of approximately 20 captains within the association and was also given responsibility to act as magistrate. Durfee, his wife Ann, and their five children (Robert, Hannah, Mary, Ann and Elizabeth) removed to Port Roseway in 1783. Upon arrival Durfee received a considerable land grant. He was also appointed Justice of the Peace, and Judge of the Court of Common Pleas. Durfee died in 1801.

Durfee, Robert

  • Person
  • 1758-1827

Robert Durfee was a farmer and master mariner. He was born in 1758 in the United States, the only son of Joseph and Ann Durfee. In 1783, Durfee moved to Port Roseway (presently Shelburne), Nova Scotia with his parents and siblings where he helped his father farm the family's land. In 1804, he was appointed Company Captain of the First Battalion of the Shelburne Militia. Durfee also had training as a medical practioner and was doctor on the ship Nelson. Eventually he became a master mariner and spent most of his time commanding his schooner Mayflower on voyages to the Bahamas, to import and export goods. In 1808, Durfee married Elizabeth Sinclair, and they had one son, John Robert.

Holmes, George

  • Person

George Holmes was an Amherst, N.S., farmer. He also operated a horse race track in Amherst and was probably the son of William Holmes, an Amherst carriage maker and farmer.

Allen, John, 1771-1849

  • Person
  • 1771-1849

John Allen was born in Boston, Massachusetts on 11 September 1771, the son of Ebenezer Allen (1738-1816) and Meribah Frazier (1743-1804), Loyalists and Sandemanian Church refugees. The family embarked for Halifax in 1776 when Boston was evacuated by the British Army. They apparently settled on the Dartmouth side of the harbour, where Ebenezer became a prominent businessman in the Woodlawn area. Ebenezer and his son Alexander Allen, along with John Stayner, purchased a tanyard property on the old Preston road in 1795. They formed the firm of “Stayner & Allens.” This partnership dissolved in 1798 and became “Stayner & Allen,” with John Stayner and John Allen as partners. The firm continued until 1816, when the property was divided and the partnership dissolved. John Allen continued the tannery on the Old Preston Road for many years. He married Sarah Stayner (1776-1861) in St. John’s Church, Preston in 1793. They had 16 children; all except two lived to adulthood. John Allen died on 12 January 1849 in Dartmouth.

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