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Surette, Charles Melvin

  • 2020.12-f28
  • Person
  • 1950-2020-

Son of William Existe Surette and Esther Jane Mary d’Entremont, Charles « Melvin » Surette was born in Salem, Massachusetts on October 29,1931. His interests included genealogy, woodworking, cooking and tracing family histories especially those of Acadian families. He translated the book “Acadians in Quebec” by Pierre-Maurice Hébert from French to English. He wrote several articles on genealogy and history in the American-Canadian Genealogist.

Carritt ,Edward, Dr.

  • 2018.04.01
  • Person
  • 1800 - 1854

Edward Carritt was born in England in 1800. He received his medical degree from Edinburgh, married Harriet Peacock in 1826, and came to NS that year.He moved to Guysborough in 1842 and practiced medicine there until retiring in 1884. He also served as a Justice of the Peace. He spent his last days in Dartmouth with his daughter.

LeBlanc, Roseline

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  • Person
  • 1929-2006

Fille de feu Joseph-Emile LeBlanc, M.D. et de feu Jeannette (d’Entremont) LeBlanc, Roseline était né a Pubnico-Ouest en 1922.

Après avoir complété sept ans de classe à son village natal, elle poursuivit son cours secondaire à l’Académie du Sacré Cœur à Meteghan, dirigée par les sœurs de Charité. De là elle se rendit à Rimouski, Québec, où elle fit quatre années d’études en français au Monastère des Ursulines.

En 1946, elle reçut son diplôme d’infirmière de l’Hôpital Notre Dame à Montréal, suivit d’une année d’étude à l’Université de Montréal ou elle obtient son diplôme en hygiène publique.
De 1948 à 1950, elle est employée comme infirmière hygiéniste dans le région de Clare. En 1950, elle retourne à Montréal et travaille à Hôpital Royal Edward Laurentien jusqu’en 1956. De 1956 à 1982, l’année de sa retraite, elle est employée à l’Hôpital Sainte Mary’s à Montréal.

Elle fut très active durant sa retraite.
“Les Oubliés de Notre Patrimoine”, histoire locale en trois volumes, sont à son crédit. Elle a également collaboré livre “Nos Vielles Maisons" de Pubnico-Ouest en 1984. et à la rédaction de deux autres livres: Les cent ans de l’église St. Pierre, 1891-1991 ; 350ie anniversaire de la fondation de Pubnico, 1653-2003.

Elle était membre de la Société Historique des Acadiens des Pubnicos, l’Association des Femmes Acadiennes, Les Dames de St. Anne, Lunenburg County Historical Society, La Regroupement des Ainés(es) francophone, Le Village Historique Acadien de la N—É,, la Société Historique Acadienne de la Baie Ste Marie, L’Association des LeBlancs, l’Association des d’Entremonts, the Argyle Municipality Historical and Geneological Society, Les Nouveaux Horizons de la Baronnie, ancien membre du Conseil d’Administration de la Co-Opérative de la Tour, et Fédération de la N.É

Elle a fait partie de trois chorales : Les chanteurs de la baronnie de Pubnico-Ouest depuis 1984 – dirigée par Paul Saulnier ; la Chorale de la Baie Ste. Marie de 1988 à 1991 et la Chorale Acadienne du Sud-Ouest depuis 1992 – dirigée par le Père Maurice LeBlanc.

Elle est décédée le 25 février 2013.

Bayers, Avon, 1917-2009

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  • 1917- 2009

Avon Norman Bayers was born on September 18, 1917 at Martinique Beach, East Petpeswick to parents Bertha Margaret (Mosher) and Andrew William Bayers (1875-1953). He married Myrna L. Miller (b. 1931) on October 7, 1961 and their family lived at Westphal. He served in the Navy for five years during World War II and following his discharge, he worked as a contractor in the Halifax/ Dartmouth area and as a lobster fisherman in the Lawrencetown area. Avon and Myrna had five children: Norman, Anthony John, Eunice ‘Angela’, Troy and Crystal.

Avon was well known in his community for his sense of humour and his love of music, dancing, and cards. He died March 15, 2009 and is buried in Wallace River, Cumberland, Nova Scotia.

Michael Eisan

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  • 1730-1833

Michael Eisan was born ca. 1730 in Pennsylvania, eventually moving to South Carolina where he was living at the outbreak of the American Revolution. During the Revolution Eisan remained loyal to Britain and in 1780 he joined the Stevens Creek Militia, a Royalist unit commanded by Captain Henry Rudolph. During the Revolution he served with Chambers Blakeney, who would also later settle in Ship Harbour. Eisan withdrew to Charleston with the Royalist garrison at Fort Ninety-Six when the fort and surrounding area were abandoned in July of 1781. He then served with the Little River Militia near Charleston and rose to the rank of sergeant. He evacuated from Charleston with the British forces and came to the Halifax-Dartmouth area, where he remained from July 1783 to March 1784.

Eisan moved to Ship Harbour in the mid 1780s and purchased Lot 8 from Daniel Weeks, which included one hundred acres of land at Salmon River. He was also granted one hundred acres of land in East Jeddore in 1787 in return for his military service. In addition he purchased two hundred acres of land in Ship Harbour in 1790, another two hundred acres there in 1791, and Lot 14 in the same area in 1795. In 1796 he petitioned the government for land adjacent to his property in Ship Harbour. In 1813 he shared 800 acres of land at East Ship Harbour with his sons and George McCarthy. He was a trustee of the Ship Harbour school in 1816 and inhabitants of Ship Harbour petitioned for him to be appointed magistrate and Justice of the Peace in 1790.

He married his first wife, Elizabeth Ann, in South Carolina and she later traveled with him to Ship Harbour. He married a second time but the bride’s name is unknown. There is a birth of a Louisa Eisan, daughter and first child of Michael and Hannah Eisan on September 2, 1817. Hannah may have been his second wife. He married his third wife, Sophia Theresa Belinda Lawrence, on November 13, 1831 when he was over 100 years old. The bride was a forty-one year old widow. According to The Pictou Observer dated November 23, 1831, the courtship had gone on for the past sixteen years.

He had at least eight children, the following of which were by Elizabeth Ann Eisan: Michael (c. 1780, South Carolina), Elizabeth (1784, Halifax), John Michael (1785, Ship Harbour), John Hugh (1788), Margaret (1789), Jacob (1792), Mary (1794), Frederick (c. 1796).

Michael Eisan died December 8, 1833 at Ship Harbour, aged 103 years old.

Webber, E.J. (Edward James), 1897-1963

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  • Person
  • 1897-1963

Edward James “Ned” Webber was born on September 7, 1897 in Lower Lakeville (also known as Ship Harbour Lake; now known as Lake Charlotte), Halifax County, Nova Scotia. He was christened James Edward Webber on October 24, 1897 at St. John’s Church, Oyster Pond, but later changed his name to Edward James Webber. Webber attended school at Lake Charlotte from 1903 to 1912, before leaving to help his father fish lobster off the coast of Anticosti Island in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. When the season ended he worked as a field harvester in Western Canada, before returning to Nova Scotia to work on farms in the Shubenacadie area, pick apples in the Annapolis Valley, and work as a cook in lumber camps.

In 1918, during the First World War, Webber enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force and served in England and France with the 85th Battalion, Halifax Rifles. It is possible that he had previously enlisted and served earlier in the war. After the war, Webber returned home and went to work in the lumber industry in northern Ontario, before moving to Detroit, Michigan in 1923 to work for the Ford Motor Company. In 1928 or 1929 he returned to Lake Charlotte and worked with his brother Odous Webber (1886-1969), who was a pulp and lumber contractor and ran a sport fishing business in Upper Lakeville. In 1932, Webber opened a canteen and dance hall in Lake Charlotte, which later became a general store and gas station. In the 1940s, Webber built four log cabins to serve as overnight accommodations near the store. Later, he built an adjoining motel which was opened in 1958, and ran the store and motel jointly as Webber's Store and Motel. The motel was also known as the Lake Charlotte Motel. On September 27, 1932, Webber married Marguerite Lillias “Babe” Grant (1907-1971). Together they had four children, Ford Hanscom, Ann Jeanette, Grant Albert, and Edward James "Ted."

During the Second World War, Webber served as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 2nd Reserve Battalion Halifax Rifles and helped to train recruits. He was also contracted to deliver mail to five post offices in the area, including the post offices at Clam Bay, Clam Harbour, Owls Head, DeBaies Cove, and Lower Ship Harbour. He did this for 22 years, until about 1954, when the post office in Lake Charlotte took over the duties of the five other post offices. Webber’s wife Marguerite was postmistress of the Lake Charlotte post office from 1941 until 1971. The post office was located in Webber's store and postal duties, like many of the other duties at the store, were shared between husband and wife. Webber was also a founding member and president of the Eastern Shore Board of Trade as well as a Master of Ashlar Masonic Lodge, Musquodoboit Harbour. He died on February 25, 1963.
of Nova Scotia / Carl Webber. – Halifax: Carl Webber, 2002.

d'Entremont, Clarence, père, 1909-1998

  • 1998.3-f11
  • Person
  • 1929-1998

Fils de Jim à Nicholas, Père Clarence d’Entremont est né à Pubnico-Ouest le 15 mars 1909. Il a fait ses études à l’école du village, puis au Collège Sainte-Anne, et puis ses études théologiques à Charlesbourg. Entré chez les Eudistes en 1935, il a été ordonné prêtre en 1936, dans la province de Québec. Puis en 1938, après des études de deux ans, il a été licencié en Droit canonique à l’Université pontificale Angelicum de Rome. Il a travaillé dans plusieurs diocèses, voyageant du Québec au Maryland, aux Etats-Unis.

Souffrant d’asthme et étant atteint d’un cancer, il a subi en 1962 des interventions chirurgicales. Devant alléger son travail, il devient aumônier de 1965 à 1982 pour une maison de retraite à Fairhaven, au Massachusetts. En 1982, il prend sa retraite du ministère et revient à Pubnico, son village natal.

Père Clarence d’Entremont est bien connu comme historien de l’Acadie et généalogiste. Il a publié au-delà 100 articles et présenté 29 discours et conférences en plus de ses nombreuses entrevues à la radio et à la télévision. Membre de 18 sociétés historiques et généalogiques, Père Clarence a publié onze ouvrages, incluant son Histoire du Cap-Sable, en cinq volumes. Ayant reçu plusieurs doctorats honorifiques et prix de mérite, sa carrière culmina en recevant, en avril 1992, la plus haute distinction au pays, l’Ordre du Canada.

Il possédait une affection ardente pour l’histoire de l’Acadie, surtout le sud-ouest de la Nouvelle-Écosse et léguait à l’Acadie une mine de renseignements. Père Clarence d’Entremont est décédé le vendredi 13 novembre 1998 à la Villa acadienne de Meteghan. Issu d’une famille de neuf enfants, il en était le seul survivant.

Amirault, Françes Marie

  • Person
  • 1919-2015

Françes Marie Belliveau was born on November 25, 1919 in Middle East Pubnico. She was the daughter of Louis-Francois Belliveau and Clémentine (Amirault). On November 4, 1944 Françes married Paul Francois Amirault in Middle East Pubnico. They had four children: Paul, Blanche, Evelyn and Simone. Françes` husband Paul died on January 12, 1973.

d'Eon, Adelbert Laurie 1912-2003

  • Person

Adelbert Laurie d'Eon was born in Middle West Pubnico, Nova Scotia on May 6, 1912. He was the son of Jacques “Alfred” and Anne “Francoise” d'Eon. On November 4, 1947 he married Rose Marie d'Entremont. Adelbert died in 2003 on the 2nd day of March and his wife died in 2007, on the 23rd day of February. Adelbert had a few businesses from the nineteen twenties to the nineteen nineties. His first job was running a press at a local canning factory. Then he drove passengers and managed to get a franchise to operate a passenger bus service from Pubnico to Yarmouth. Adelbert built his bus shop “Middle West Pubnico Bus Builders”, a local manufacturer of buses. This company would take truck chassis and convert them to buses. Over the years the bus shop was enlarged twice and the doors had to be made higher and wider as the buses and trucks kept getting bigger. During the war years the business flourished. At its peak they employed 21 people and they operated taxies and passenger buses at the same time; Adelbert d'Eon drove a bus to Yarmouth for 35 years. West Pubnico Bus Builders meant quality so they would get orders for milk trucks, bread trucks, vans, fire trucks, and shopmobiles. In the mid 1940's, he went into the restaurant business opening up the Red Cap Diner with his cousin. Later adding cabins and converting an old house into a motel that they named La Baronnie Motel.

Hall, William, 1829-1904

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  • 1829-1904

Born 25 April 1829 at Horton Bluff, N.S., William Nelson Hall served as able seaman on HMS Rodney during the Crimean War and HMS Shannon during the Indian Mutiny. He received the Victoria Cross, two Crimean War medals, and the Indian Mutiny Medal. In 1876 he returned to Canada and lived in Avonport, N.S. until his death on 25 August 1904. In 1945, Hall's grave was moved from Lockhartville to Hantsport, where a memorial cairn was erected on 9 November 1947.

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