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d'Entremont, H. Léander, 1862-1944

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  • 1862-1944

H. Léander d'Entremont was born on 22 October 1862 at West Pubnico, Nova Scotia. He was the second son of Captain Nicolas d'Entremont and Anne Vitaline Amirault. He was a direct descendant of Sieur Phillippe d'Entremont, founder of Pubnico, first Baron of Pombcoup, and of Charles de St. Etienne de La Tour, first Governor of Acadia. He attended a local school until 1881, when he went to sea. Prior to 1881 he did spend some months fishing with his father. Circa 1875, he studied painting from an uncle who was a carriage builder. In 1882 he went to Massachusetts to work and returned to Pubnico that same fall to practice his trade until 1887. During this time, he also married and lost his wife, Marie Rose d'Entremont. Following the death of his wife, d'Entremont returned to Massachusetts. There he married Bridget Frances Curtin and developed an interest in Acadian history. After the death of his second wife he returned to East Pubnico, settled in his maternal grandfather's homestead, and married for the third time, Anne Suzanne Amirault. In 1926-30, he was instrumental in the erection of an Acadian Historic and War Memorial monument at Center East Pubnico. D'Entremont produced numerous publications on the Acadians including his 1926 essay "The Norse Settlement of America," for which he won the Maritime Library Association Gold Medal. In 1931, he published his first work The Baronnie de Pombcoup and the Acadians. In 1938, he published The Forts of Cape Sable of the Seventeenth Century and New Findings in the Early History of Acadia. He became a well-known public speaker and was featured several times on the radio. D'Entremont was also a collector. In 1931, he opened up his large house as the "De La Tour Museum", to the public. It contained a large collection of antiques, curios and relics, and a library. The library itself contained a large collection of histories relating to Acadia and the Acadians, and numerous rare books. H. Léander d'Entremont died on December 11, 1944.

d'Entremont, Hector, 1918-1987

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  • 1918-1987

Hector B. d'Entremont was born in West Pubnico on March 21, 1918 to James Gilbert (Jim à Nicholas) and Hélène Elisabeth-Anne d'Entremont (Eliza-Anne). In 1941 he obtained his BA at St. Anne's University in Church Point, NS. Later that same year he enlisted in the Canadian Air Force until 1946. In the autumn of 1946, he enrolled in St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, NS, and later finished his studies at the Technical College in Halifax where he graduated as a civil engineer. He was employed by the Nova Scotia Power Corporation. He married Elise d'Eon (à John E.) and had 4 children - Jocelin, Josette, Nathan, and Jean-Pierre. He was a brother to Père Clarence. He was a member of the Royal Canadian Legion, branch 66, Knights of Columbus, West Pubnico, and St. Peter's Church choir and of Les Chanteurs de la Baronnie. He has published a book entitled "Église Saint-Pierre de Pubnico-Ouest, Nouvelle-Écosse-notes Personnelles de Hector B. d'Entremont. Hector died on October 22, 1987, the same day his book was released.
The first section of the Long Wharf (Grand Quai, Government Wharf) was constructed with earth in 1885-6. The following year a second part of wood was constructed to make the Long Wharf a total of 666 feet (203 meters) long. The wooden part of the wharf was demolished in 1955 by hurricane Edna, and then most of what was left of the wharf was demolished by cutting the posts.

d'Entremont, James G., 1871-1956.

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  • 1871-1956

Jacques Gilbert d'Entremont, known as James G. and called "Jim", was born 16 October 1871 at West Pubnico, Nova Scotia. He was the son of Nicolas d'Entremont and Anne Vitaline Amirault, and the brother of H. Léander d'Entremont. James left school at the age of 16 to fish on the Grand Banks off Newfoundland. In 1895 he married Elaine Elisabeth-Anne d'Entremont, known as Lizy-Ann, and they had nine children. In 1912, James was named Fishery Overseer for the County of Yarmouth. He died 16 June 1956.

d'Entremont, Raymond, 1875-1974

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  • 1875-1974

Fish merchant; born the 29 of August 1875 at West Pubnico, Yarmouth County; son of Francis and Natalie (Pothier) d'Entremont; studied at Ste. Anne's College; married the 14 of November 1907 to Sadie M. Daughter of William d'Entremont of West Pubnico; Member for Yarmouth Co., 1925-1928; Liberal Conservative; Roman Catholic; died the 26 of January 1974, at Waterville, Kings Co., N.S.

d'Entremont, Silvain, 1796-1881

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  • 1796-1881

Silvain d'Entremont was born 3 March 1796 at West Pubnico, Nova Scotia. He was the son of Cyrille d'Entremont and Anastasie Pothier. D'Entremont was the owner of a general store that sold dry goods. In 1824, he married Elizabeth Amirault and they had six children. Silvain d'Entremont died on 7 November 1881.

d'Eon, Adelbert Laurie 1912-2003

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Adelbert Laurie d'Eon was born in Middle West Pubnico, Nova Scotia on May 6, 1912. He was the son of Jacques “Alfred” and Anne “Francoise” d'Eon. On November 4, 1947 he married Rose Marie d'Entremont. Adelbert died in 2003 on the 2nd day of March and his wife died in 2007, on the 23rd day of February. Adelbert had a few businesses from the nineteen twenties to the nineteen nineties. His first job was running a press at a local canning factory. Then he drove passengers and managed to get a franchise to operate a passenger bus service from Pubnico to Yarmouth. Adelbert built his bus shop “Middle West Pubnico Bus Builders”, a local manufacturer of buses. This company would take truck chassis and convert them to buses. Over the years the bus shop was enlarged twice and the doors had to be made higher and wider as the buses and trucks kept getting bigger. During the war years the business flourished. At its peak they employed 21 people and they operated taxies and passenger buses at the same time; Adelbert d'Eon drove a bus to Yarmouth for 35 years. West Pubnico Bus Builders meant quality so they would get orders for milk trucks, bread trucks, vans, fire trucks, and shopmobiles. In the mid 1940's, he went into the restaurant business opening up the Red Cap Diner with his cousin. Later adding cabins and converting an old house into a motel that they named La Baronnie Motel.

d'Eon, Roger Alfred

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  • 1918-2004

Roger Alfred d'Eon was born in Upper West Pubnico, Nova Scotia on November 21, 1918. He was the son of Ambroise “Leander” and Alma Laura (Amirault). On May 1, 1944, Roger married Exilda Julie d'Entremont. They had 7 children. Roger died on February 27, 2004 and Exilda died on April 16, 2006. He was a retired fishing captain of a scallop dragger for Lawrence Sweeney Fisheries.

de Mezangeau, Louis, 1766-[after 1819]

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  • 1766-

Louis de Mezangeau was born in 1766 in Brittany in France. He served in the French navy, first in Guinea in West Africa and then on the islands of St-Pierre and Miquelon beginning in 1785. By 1793 he was second in command to Governor Danseville on the island of St-Pierre. In the spring of 1793 the islands of St-Pierre and Miquelon surrendered to the British and on June 20th that same year Mezangeau along with five or six hundred prisoners were transported to Halifax on board the frigate Alligator. He became a British subject and was commissioned as a lieutenant in the Nova Scotia militia in 1797. He served as an officer in the 2nd Battalion of Halifax militia and he took a regiment to Chezzetcook and Lawrencetown to defend the coast from an attack by Napoleon's navy in 1804. In 1802, owing to his education, he received a license to teach in Nova Scotia. He was first married to a Mrs. Whittear and later, circa 1805 or 1806, married Maria Louise Naugle from Eastern Passage, with whom he raised seven children. He returned to France later in life to address either family money matters or arrears in his pay and is believed to have died there.

deLong, Muriel (Mason)

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  • 1892-1968

Muriel Mathilda Mae Mason, the daughter of Captain Enoch Mason and Sophia (Smith) Mason, was born at Mahone Bay in 1892. In 1915, she graduated in nursing from Salem Hospital in Salem, Massachusetts. The following year, she married the merchant Donald deWitt deLong. The couple lived in New Germany, where they were active for many years in the Epworth United Church. They had one child, a daughter. In 1968 Muriel deLong and her husband were both killed in an automobile accident at Gold River, Nova Scotia.

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