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Webber, Ervin Charles

  • Person
  • 1908-

Ervin Charles Webber was born on March 15, 1908. He was the son of Charles Henry Webber and Mary Maria Mitchell. He worked for some time as an aero engineer in Shearwater and Waterville, and during the winter months in the woods of Lake Charlotte.

Webber, Ford Hanscom, 1937-2008

  • Person
  • 1937-2008

Ford Hanscom Webber was born on September 30, 1937 in Lake Charlotte, Halifax County, Nova Scotia to parents Edward James “Ned” Webber (1897-1963) and Marguerite Lillias “Babe” Grant (1907-1971). His father owned and operated Webber's Store in Lake Charlotte and as a child Ford helped out at the store while also attending the local one-room schoolhouse. At the age of fifteen, he left Lake Charlotte to attend the Halifax County Vocational High School, where he studied carpentry and stayed with his aunt Gertrude Stretch in Dartmouth. He graduated from vocational school at the age of eighteen and continued to attend night school for two years in Halifax. He then took a six-week finishing course in Sydney, graduating with full carpentry certification at the age of twenty-one.

Ford Webber spent his first summer after graduation as a carpenter in Halifax, before moving back to the Eastern Shore to help complete the construction of Robert Jamieson Memorial Consolidated High School in Oyster Pond. Thereafter, he was self-employed, working on a variety of construction projects on the Eastern Shore, including maintenance work for the County Schoolboard, pallet construction for Moirs, and constructing and repairing local bridges. During this time, Ford employed numerous workers. He married Joyce Anthony, daughter of Edward ‘Ted’ and Maud Anthony, and together they had two sons, Anthony and Timothy. He and Joyce later divorced and he married Marguerite ‘Peggy’ Sweet, daughter of Joan (Stevens) and Elliot Whyman Sweet. In 1964, Ford joined in a construction venture called Dolphin Industries, located in Musquodoboit Harbour and specializing in manufacturing as well as in concrete fabrication. One of the items produced were wooden sleds, which were shipped by rail and sold across Canada. Together with his mother, he had assumed management of Webber's Store after the death of his father in 1963, and continued running it until his mother’s death in 1971. The store was then operated by the company, E. J. Webber’s Store and owned jointly by the children of Ned and Babe. Ford retired from management of the store in 2004.

Throughout his lifetime, Ford’s father collected examples of changing technology and equipment in the hopes of someday creating a display or attraction for the visitors coming to Lake Charlotte. Ford shared his father’s interest and continued his father’s practice of preserving objects that others were throwing away, over time amassing a collection of artefacts and records. In 1994, along with other community members, he began to plan how this collection could be displayed. This led to the founding of the Lake Charlotte Area Heritage Society in 1995. The Society modified and expanded his proposal into Memory Lane Heritage Village, which opened in 2000 and was completed in 2003, with Ford playing an important role throughout. Ford Webber remained active in the Village and Society’s activities until his death on July 31, 2008.

Webber, Lydia, 1864-1943

  • Person
  • 1864-1943

Lydia Ann Webber was born September 20, 1864 in Lower Lakeville (now known as Lake Charlotte), Halifax County, Nova Scotia. She was the daughter of James Mark Webber (1840-1913) and Catherine Lydia (Dooks) Webber (1841-1930). She married William Albert Webber (1856-1929) on November 11, 1885. They had five children: Odous Willoughby, Harvey, Edward James “Ned”, Roy, and Ada. Lydia had seven siblings: Jemina, Amos, Emmeline, Nancy, Ada May, James and Hudson. In correspondence she was often referred to as Mrs. Albert Webber. She died on April 23, 1943 in Lake Charlotte at the age of seventy-eight and is buried at St. John's cemetery, Oyster Pond.

Webber, Percy Henry

  • Person
  • 1894-1935

Percy Henry Webber was born September 6, 1894 in Lakeville (now Lake Charlotte) and died on February 8, 1935. He was the son of Charles Henry Webber and Mary Maria Mitchell. He appears to have worked as a driver (cab or private car) in Halifax during the summer months and in the woods during the winter. He never married and died at the age of forty.

Webber, Roy Wilson

  • Person
  • 1900-1977

Roy Wilson Webber was born January 11, 1900 in Lakeville and died in Boston, MA in 1977. He was the son of Lydia (nee Webber) and William Albert Webber and brother of Ned Webber. Roy attended school in Lakeville until 1915. He worked as a salesman for Burroughs Adding Machines in Halifax and later moved to Boston around the 1960s, where he continued to work as a salesman.

Webster, C.A., 1864-1941

  • Person
  • 1864-1941

Charles Ashton Webster was born at Yarmouth, N.S. on 1 June 1864, son of John L.R. Webster (1835-1885), MD and Helen Ogilvie (Geddes) Webster. He received his early education in Yarmouth and attended the Halifax Medical College. In 1886 he was admitted to the College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York. As an intern, he spent eighteen months on Randalls Island, N.Y. at the Infants' and Randalls Island Hospitals. Dr. Webster settled in Yarmouth in October 1887 where he resumed his late father's general practice and also performed a large share of surgical work in Yarmouth County. He was appointed medical officer for the federal Department of Marine and Fisheries in 1899 and health officer by the Town of Yarmouth in February 1909, coinciding with a small pox outbreak. He was made a fellow of the American College of Surgeons in 1917 and was active in the Canadian Medical Association and several other professional, civic, and charitable organizations. Webster also took an active interest in horse breeding, and was largely connected with the introduction of the Hackney and Clydesdale horses into Yarmouth County. He and his wife, Mary Page, daughter of Alexander S. and Ellen C. (Page) Murray of Pugwash, N.S., married 1 February 1912 and had six children: Mary Elizabeth, John Alexander, Ellen Page, Geddes Murray, Robert McNaught,and David Richan.

Webster, John Alexander

  • Person
  • 1914 - 2005

John Alexander Webster was a Dalhousie Medical School graduate and general surgeon in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. He was born in Yarmouth in 1914 and earned his BSc at Dalhousie in 1936 and his MD,CM in 1938. After residency in Cleveland, IL, he served as a surgeon with the Royal Canadian Airforce from 1942-1945. He obtained his FRCS(C) in 1946 and his FACS in 1947. In 1950 he returned to Yarmouth as a general surgeon—the fourth generation of his family to practise surgery in Yarmouth, and the fifth generation in Nova Scotia. He retired in 1992, when his youngest son, David McGowen Webster, took over his Yarmouth practice.

Webster, K.G.T.

  • Person
  • 1871 - 1942

Kenneth Grant Tremayne Webster was a scholar of medieval literature who devoted his academic career to the study of medieval romances, castles and the art of war. He was born on 10 June 1871 to Dr. John R.L. Webster and Helen (Geddes) Webster, in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, and was the fifth of six children (Helen, Charles, James, Isabella and Conrad). Webster graduated from Milton School before taking his BA Honours in English literature at Dalhousie University in 1892. He went on to study at Harvard University, where he earned a BA, MA and PhD in medieval literature, followed by a professorial appointment.

Webster wrote at least four monographs and a number of articles on medieval literature. He amassed a collection of postcards of castles, and built a considerable library to support his research on early European castles, a collection he bequeathed to Dalhousie University. He also had a passion for architectural restoration, and in 1913 bought the Barnard Capen House in Dorchester, Massachusetts, which he had moved to Milton, Massachusetts, where he restored it. In 1932 he purchased and restored the eighteenth-century Ross-Thompson House in Shelburne, Nova Scotia, which later became a provincial museum.

Webster was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws from Dalhousie University in 1930. He died in 1942.

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