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Clarke, James (family)

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James Clarke was born in Scotland in 1824, the son of John and Jane Clarke. He immigrated to Nova Scotia in 1843. In 1854 Clarke went to work in the Australia gold mines, where he accumulated some wealth. He returned to Nova Scotia in 1857 and purchased a farm at the head of Tatamagouche Bay. Clarke married Jane Cunningham in 1860. They had four surviving children: Sidney, John, David, Josephine, and Ella Jane. Clarke was appointed Justice of the Peace in 1872 and held the position until his death in 1891. His son Sidney succeeded him as Justice of the Peace and inherited the family farm. Sidney married Mary Logan in 1896 and they had seven children: Amy, Josephine, James, Gertrude, Dorothy, Anne and Fred. Sidney Clarke died in 1933.

Creelman Family

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Annie MacKay (1876-1944) married Thomas Wilson Creelman (1879-1933) in 1915. Annie was the eldest daughter of Roderick MacKay (1849-1936) and Margaret (Maggie) Gray Murray (1852-1942) of Pictou County. The MacKays settled in Pictou County and called their homestead "Dunrobin." They had nine children: Annie (Feb. 20, 1876- September 24, 1944), Alexander (Nov. 24, 1877 – 1899), Murdoch Arthur (June 1881-Dec. 1971), Isabella Bertha (Nov. 25, 1883-Dec17, 1963), Katherine Mary (June 22, 1891-January 1963), Ina Ethel (February 3, 1894-June 4, 1986), Allister Murray (August 1900-February 12, 1922), Murdoch David (1880), Angus Herdman (1888). Alexander MacKay drowned while attending Dalhousie. Allister died of tuburculosis. Murdoch David and Angus died in infancy.

Annie MacKay and Thomas Creelman met in Halifax, where Thomas worked for The Imperial Oil Company, as an accountant and Annie worked as a part-time teacher. They married in 1915 and moved to Ontario where Thomas was transferred. He was employed with The Imperial Oil Company until he passed away in 1933. While he was employed with the oil company he was transferred to various places. He was in Halifax, Montreal, Toronto and Sarnia, Ontario, Winnipeg, Manitoba and he spent 5 years in South America. Annie and Thomas had one son, William MacKay Creelman.

William MacKay (Mack) Creelman, (1918-1985) was born in Sarnia, Ontario. After his Father died in 1933 he moved with his mother to Halifax. He completed his high school at the Halifax Academy in 1936 and came to Dalhousie to study math and physics. He received his BSc and 1940 and his MSc in 1942. We was a member of the Engineering Institute of Canada. After graduating from Dalhousie University in 1942 with a M.Sc. in Physics, Mack Creelman joined the Halifax Naval Group of the National Research Council which became the Naval Research Establishment (NRE) in the spring of 1943. He also joined the Navy. He continued with NRE until 1945 when he was appointed to the staff of the Commodore Superintendent HMC Dockyard as Supervising Inspector, Electrical Anti-Mining (Maritimes) responsible for all electrical mine countermeasures in the Atlantic Command. He retired from the Navy as a Lieutenant (L) RCN (R) in the fall of 1946 and joined the staff of the Manager, Electrical Engineering HMC Dockyard with the same duties as a naval officer.

Through his work at the Naval Research Establishment in Halifax, Mack met his wife H.G. (Nancy) Littlejohns (1923-1963). They married in June 1954, they had three children, June, David and William. Nancy passed away with cancer in July 1963.

In 1955, Creelman transferred to Naval Headquarters to head the degaussing section of the Electrical Engineer-in-Chief in Ottawa. Four years later, he was named head of the Passive Protection Section, Director Maritime Facilities and Resources at NDHQ. He retired in 1983 after 40 years’ service.

Please see also “Memoirs of WMC” MS-2-775, Box 8, Folder 13.

Creighton Family

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The Creighton family of Halifax consisted of parents Graham and Catherine (Murray) Creighton and their children Edith, Anna, Lois, Frieda, Howard, and Wilfred. The family is known to have resided in Halifax on Roome Street, Gottingen Street, Oakland Road, and eventually 14 LeMarchant Street (later renumbered to 1234 LeMarchant Street). They also resided in Middle Musquodoboit for a time around 1908.


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  • 1761-1950

The Cronin family were originally from Ireland and settled in the Annapolis area, and were prominent members of the community. The documents chronicle the family's 200 year history, dealing with personal correspondence, diaries,businesses, legal documents and inventories.

Crowe, John A. (family)

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John Crowe, farmer and seamen, was the son of John Crowe and Elizabeth, who immigrated from Londonderry, Ireland circa 1761, to Onslow, N.S. on 17 August 1784. He represented Onslow in the Legislative Assembly between 1826 and 1851. On 7 April 1818 he married Nancy Dickson McNutt (b. 26 September 1799), daughter of William and Isabella Dickson McNutt. The couple had eight children: James Nicholas (b.1819); Rebecca NcNutt (b.1821) who married in 1848 Jesse Cumminger; George Feash (b.1823); William (Robie) McNutt (b. 1827); Rachel L. (b. 1829) who married in 1848 Alexander Cumminger of Onslow; John (b.1833); George Feash ( b. 1835); and Homer Alexander (b.1838). John died on 30 August 1878. His son James Nicholas Crowe married in 1845, Margaret Gourley (b. 1827), the daughter of Jesse Gourley and Eunice McNutt. James served as County Magistrate, Commissioner of Schools for the District of Colchester and Municipal Councillor for the settlements of Lower Truro and Old Barns. James and Margaret lived on the Crowe family farm and had five children: Leonard Gourley (b. 1847); John Alfred (1852-1940), farmer at Old Barns who married Edith Loughead; Robert (Robie) (b. 1854), merchant who married Martha Ellen Yuill (b. 1872); L. Agnes (b. 1859); and George Homer (b. 1865).

Culp Family

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The Culps of Lunenburg are descended from Johan Jacob Kolb, who arrived in Nova Scotia with his parents in 1750 on the Ann. After surrenduring to the British in Louisbourg they were sent to Lunenburg in 1758. Kolb was married to Anna Maria Magdalena Schloer, with whom he had 12 children.

Davison, David (Wallace, N.S. family)

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David and James Bayne Davison were brothers who came from Pictou, N.S. to Wallace, N.S. in 1837 to begin a shipbuilding business and operate a general store. The brothers built over 30 vessels and the store was in operation unitl the 1870s.

Dennis family

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William Henry Dennis (1887-1954), newspaper publisher and senator, was born in 1887 in Stewiacke, Colchester County, Nova Scotia to Henry Parnell Dennis (d.1928) and Wilhelmina Dennis. He worked for his uncle Senator William Dennis (1856-1920), publisher of The Halifax Herald and The Evening Mail newspapers. After his uncle’s death, William H. became President and Managing Editor of The Halifax Herald Company Ltd. Later that year he began the International Fishermen’s Schooner Race. In 1932 he was appointed to the Senate of Canada. From 1936 to 1940 he was a Director with the Canadian Press Agency. He married Hilda Pauline Wood (1887-1970), daughter of E.A. Wood of Halifax, NS, in October 1914 and had two children: Pauline (1921-1993) and Graham. Graham William Dennis (1927-2011), newspaper publisher and philanthropist, succeeded his father as President after William H.’s death on January 18, 1954. Born August 17, 1927, Graham graduated from Montreal’s McGill University in 1949. He published The Chronicle-Herald and The Mail-Star newspapers for over 57 years. He was made a member of the Order of Canada in 1984. He married Ann on December 28, 1955 and had one daughter, Heather (b.1956- ). After Ann’s death from cancer, he married J. Gay Thompson in the late 1960s and had Sarah (b.1970- ) and William (1972-2002). Graham Dennis died in Halifax on December 1, 2011.

DesBarres (family)

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Joseph Frederick Wallet DesBarres (1721-1824), army officer, military engineer, surveyor, landowner, and colonial administrator, was born in Paris or Basel and was educated at the Royal Military Academy in England. Following his service with the British Army during the Louisbourg, Quebec, and Newfoundland campaigns, DesBarres surveyed the coasts of Nova Scotia from 1764 to 1773 and published the results of the survey in The Atlantic Neptune. While in Halifax in 1764, he met Mary Cannon (ca. 1751-1827), with whom he had six children: Amelia Louisa Matilda Lutterell (d. ca. 1856); John Frederick William "William" (d. 1800), had one son William Frederick (1800-1805) who became solicitor-general and puisine judge of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia; Spry Ann (d. 1842); Martha Sophia "Sophia"; Mary (b.1784) and an unidentified daughter (d. 1783). While DesBarres was in England overseeing the publication of The Atlantic Neptune, he met Martha Williams and fathered eleven children by her, including: James Lutterell (1787-1831); Augustus Wallet (ca. 1793-1866); Dolben Windham; Joseph Frederick (d. 1817); Martha Frederica; Isabella Matilda (ca. 1786-1832); Clara; Louisa; and Grace Frederica. In 1784 DesBarres was appointed Lieutenant Governor of Cape Breton Island and subsequently became Governor of Prince Edward Island in 1804. He died at Halifax in 1824, predeceased by Martha Williams in 1821. From 1773 to 1794 Mary Cannon was appointed administrator of DesBarres' extensive land holdings. She lived at his estate, Castle Frederick, at Falmouth until her death in 1827.

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