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Amherst Body of Marsh

  • Corporate body
  • 1882-1923

The Amherst Body of Marsh was established on 18 January 1882, at Amherst, Nova Scotia. Thirty proprietors gathered to propose to the government a project to reclaim a large body of marshland located between what was then known as the Township of Amherst and the Township of Fort Lawrence. The marshland encompassed hundreds of acres of land owned by several dozen people. The proprietors were owners of two-thirds of the marshland, and their corporation was established to improve the drainage of the marsh, which would benefit all who owned sections of the marsh. Their proposal was passed and they worked jointly with the Hon. Hiram Black, Commissioner of Sewers of Cumberland County, to repair the existing dyke system and to perform continuous maintenance. Thomas Lusby of Amherst was appointed the first clerk. Interest in the upkeep of the dyke appears to have waned in the 1910s, and died out by 1923.

Amirault, Françes Marie

  • Person
  • 1919-2015

Françes Marie Belliveau was born on November 25, 1919 in Middle East Pubnico. She was the daughter of Louis-Francois Belliveau and Clémentine (Amirault). On November 4, 1944 Françes married Paul Francois Amirault in Middle East Pubnico. They had four children: Paul, Blanche, Evelyn and Simone. Françes` husband Paul died on January 12, 1973.

Amiro, Ambroise, 1818-1896

  • Person
  • 1818-1896

Ambroise Amiro was born 2 September 1818 at East Pubnico, Nova Scotia. He was the son of Louis Amiro (or Amirault) and Marguerite d'Entremont. Amiro was a well-known shipbuilder, who built two of the three brigantines in Pubnico Harbour, the Arabella, and the Hatfield Brothers. He was also an inventor who devised a ship steering device and an inflating bag to raise sunken vessels. In 1835, Amiro married Angelique Foi d'Entremont and they had 7 children. Their eldest child, Anne, married H. Léander d'Entremont. Ambroise Amiro died 7 June 1896.

Ancient Order of Foresters. Court "Merrie England", no. 8840 (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

  • Corporate body
  • 1834 - 1929

The Ancient Order of Foresters began in 1834, but its origins lie in a much older society called the Royal Foresters formed in the 18th century. In 1813, the Royal Foresters began to establish subsidiary Courts (branches) and the concept of an affiliated Order of Friendly Societies was born. The order was established in Nova Scotia in 1900 and functioned until 1929 when it disbanded, having only 31 members remaining.

Ancient Order of Hibernians (New Glasgow)

  • Corporate body
  • 1913 - 1926

Thew New Glasgow Unit (Division 1) of the Ancient Order of Hibernians (which included Port Morien, Cape Breton) was organized on 4 August 1913, with a Ladies Auxiliary being formed in 1914. Its stated purpose was "to promote the 'Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity' of its members and [to] preserve the spirit of Irish Nationality". Consequently, membership was confined exclusively to Roman Catholics of Irish descent or birth. The National Hibernian was the Order's official publication; Saint Patrick's Day was observed as the national holiday.

Anderson, Alexander

The family of Alexander and Susan Anderson lived on Poplar Grove Farm, Baddeck. Son Percival William Anderson was born July 7, 1885, and served for 6 years in the 94th Argyll Highlanders before enlisting for service in World War 1 on October 28, 1915. He was killed in action on March 11, 1917.

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