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Almon, William Bruce, 1875-1961

  • Person
  • 1875-1961

William Bruce Almon was born in Halifax on 23 September 1875, the second son of Dr. Thomas Ritchie Almon(1843-1901) and his wife Frances (Egan) (1845-1942). He was a professional soldier and served in various locations in Canada with the Royal Canadian Artillery before the First World War. He married Mary Hill Dickey in Halifax on 30 November 1908 and they had two daughters. During the First World War he was in command of artillery formations in Halifax before going abroad with the Canadian expedition to Russia. After his retirement from the military he served for 23 years as the Aide-de-camp for Lieutenant Governors of Nova Scotia. He died on 31 August 1961 in Halifax and was buried in St. John's Cemetery in Fairview.

Almon, William, Bruce, Lt. Col.

  • Person

Little biographical information is available regarding Lt. Col. William Bruce Almon. He was the son of Thomas Ritchie Almon and Frances (née Egan). Almon was part of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces in World War One and went to Russia. He is known to have been involved with early theatre in Nova Scotia, particularly the Theatre Arts Guild and the Anglican Young People’s Association drama festivals in Chester. Almon studied at McGill University. He also had a first cousin named William Bruce Almon who graduated from Dalhousie’s medical school in 1899. That William Bruce Almon joined the Medical College in 1894 after studying engineering at King’s College in Windsor. The grandson of Senator Almon, he was known among his fellow students as a poet and artist.

Amberman family

  • Family

Paul Amberman was born of Dutch origin in the colony of New York in 1745. In 1771 he married Mary Ditmires (born 3 February 1746), the daughter of Douwe Ditmires. The Amberman family came to Annapolis Royal in June 1783 as Loyalists. Their family included three children: Mary (born 1773, married George Vrome in 1803), Paul Amberman, Jr. (born 1775), and Douwe (born 1779, married Rebecca Gilliatt). Mary Amberman, wife of Paul Sr., died in 1805 and was buried in St. Edward's cemetery in Clementsport. Paul Amberman died in 1811. From all accounts he must have been a wealthy man when he came to Granville, as he purchased several lots of land from Robert and Jane Young, formerly of New York. One of his acquisitions was land originally granted to Benjamin Rumsey in 1764, which Amberman purchased from Peter Ryerson in 1784. This property stayed in the Amberman family until 1964, when it was purchased by Robert Pallen Patterson who renamed it “North Hills.” Upon his death in 1974 the property was bequeathed to the Province of Nova Scotia and is now part of the Nova Scotia Museum complex.

Amherst Body of Marsh

  • Corporate body
  • 1882-1923

The Amherst Body of Marsh was established on 18 January 1882, at Amherst, Nova Scotia. Thirty proprietors gathered to propose to the government a project to reclaim a large body of marshland located between what was then known as the Township of Amherst and the Township of Fort Lawrence. The marshland encompassed hundreds of acres of land owned by several dozen people. The proprietors were owners of two-thirds of the marshland, and their corporation was established to improve the drainage of the marsh, which would benefit all who owned sections of the marsh. Their proposal was passed and they worked jointly with the Hon. Hiram Black, Commissioner of Sewers of Cumberland County, to repair the existing dyke system and to perform continuous maintenance. Thomas Lusby of Amherst was appointed the first clerk. Interest in the upkeep of the dyke appears to have waned in the 1910s, and died out by 1923.

Amirault, Françes Marie

  • Person
  • 1919-2015

Françes Marie Belliveau was born on November 25, 1919 in Middle East Pubnico. She was the daughter of Louis-Francois Belliveau and Clémentine (Amirault). On November 4, 1944 Françes married Paul Francois Amirault in Middle East Pubnico. They had four children: Paul, Blanche, Evelyn and Simone. Françes` husband Paul died on January 12, 1973.

Amiro, Ambroise, 1818-1896

  • Person
  • 1818-1896

Ambroise Amiro was born 2 September 1818 at East Pubnico, Nova Scotia. He was the son of Louis Amiro (or Amirault) and Marguerite d'Entremont. Amiro was a well-known shipbuilder, who built two of the three brigantines in Pubnico Harbour, the Arabella, and the Hatfield Brothers. He was also an inventor who devised a ship steering device and an inflating bag to raise sunken vessels. In 1835, Amiro married Angelique Foi d'Entremont and they had 7 children. Their eldest child, Anne, married H. Léander d'Entremont. Ambroise Amiro died 7 June 1896.

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