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Van Norden, Abner M., 1843-1923

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  • 1843-1923

Abner Morse Van Norden was born in 1843 at Hebron, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, the son of John and Lucy Van Norden. He later resided at Central Argyle, Yarmouth County. On 30 December 1874 he married school teacher Dorcus (Dora) Ann Spinney of Argyle, who died on 27 March 1915. Dorcus was the daughter of Reuban and Martha Spinney. Van Norden was a teacher and merchant. He and his cousin E.M. Chesley were share holders in the Plomosa Mining Company. Van Norden also held shares in several other mining companies. He died at the Yarmouth Hospital on 12 January 1923.

Farish, Henry Greggs, Dr., 1781-1856

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  • 1781-1856

Henry Greggs Farish was born in Brooklyn, New York on 18 June 1781, the son of Henry Greggs Farish of Whiteheaven, England and his American wife. The family had immigrated to Brooklyn, New York in 1775 where Farish Sr. was Commissary-General. The family moved to Shelburne, Nova Scotia in 1784, but were forced, through illness, to return to the United States. Once back in the United States, they made their home in Norfolk, Virginia. Henry studied medicine with a family friend, Dr. Perry, who lived with the Farish family. Once his apprenticeship was complete, Dr. Farish secured an appointment as Surgeon Assistant on the HMS Asia and HMS Cleopatra during the Anglo-French War. In 1803 Dr. Farish established a medical practice in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia in partnership with Dr. Bond, who was a friend of his mentor and teacher, Dr. Perry. During this time he also held many public offices. These included: collector of excise, registrar of deeds, land commissioner, justice of the peace, judge of the Court of Common Pleas, and Postmaster. He married Dr. Bond's daughter and three of the couple's sons, James, Joseph and Henry later became doctors, trained first by their father and then they studied at the University of Pennsylvania and London Hospital. Dr. Farish died in Yarmouth on 1 April 1856.

Cann, W. Roy, 1879-1952

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  • 1879-1952

W. Roy Cann was born in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia on 11 May 1879 to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur James Cann, and had one sister. He married and had one daughter. Cann became well known in Yarmouth as a writer and publicist who was involved in local affairs until his death at the age of 72 on 10 November 1952. During his career as a newspaperman Roy Cann was at various times the local correspondent for the Halifax Chronicle, editor of the Yarmouth Light, assistant editor and later columnist (Wayfarer People We Meet, Rod and Gunz) for the Yarmouth Herald. He also was employed as associate writer for the Yarmouth Area for the New York Museum of Natural History. Cann was associated for many years with the Nova Scotia Department of Publicity, as he was the Director of the Yarmouth Bureau of Information for 18 years until his death. Active in local organizations, Roy Cann was the first President of the Kiwanis Club; secretary of the Yarmouth Curling Club; member of the Masonic Lodge; member of the Yarmouth Salvage Corps; executive secretary of the Yarmouth Planning Board; and secretary of the Yarmouth Board of Trade. During the Second World War Roy Cann acted as one of two Civilian Recruiting Advisors for the Yarmouth Military District, an honour bestowed on him by the Government.

Brooks, Bob, 1927-1999

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  • 1927-1999

Photojournalist Bob Brooks was born in 1927 at Watertown, Conn. After completing his education in the United States, Brooks moved to Yarmouth, N.S. in September 1949. In 1957 he established a commercial photography firm, Bob Brooks Illustrative Photography. His work appeared in Time Life, The Star Weekly, Sports Illustrated, Newsweek, McCall's, Harper's, Maclean's, Chatelaine, The London Times, Paris Match and National Geographic, as well as 26 other publications. He was on retainer for The Star Weekly (Toronto) for eight years (1960 to 1968) but concurrently held other major commercial accounts. These included the Halifax Herald Ltd., for whom he covered events in western Nova Scotia. After The Star Weekly closed in 1969, he managed race tracks in Yarmouth and Halifax, and in Barrie, Ont., and supplemented his income by doing freelance photography. Brooks returned to full-time photography in 1972, working on contract for the Nova Scotia Communications and Information Center and joining its permanent staff at Halifax in October 1974. He remained there until his retirement in April 1992. Brooks received over forty international photography awards, which included Master of Photographic Arts (the highest award in Canada for professional photographers) in 1988, the Award of Excellence from the Maritime Professional Photographers Association, and the Art Directors' Award for Canada three times. He was a member of the American Society of Magazine Photographers, the Maritime Professional Photographers Association and the Professional Photographers of Canada. He was one of the original photographers who joined Image Bank International of New York in 1974. Brooks died in September 1999 and is buried in Yarmouth.

Baker, Jack, 1908-1972

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  • 1908-1972

Jack Baker was born in Arcadia, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia in 1908, the son of George A. Baker and Sarah Hatfield. As a young man, he worked for Benjamin B. Cann, a ship broker in Yarmouth. During the rum-running era Baker acted as a ship broker. In 1942 he became the Chief Deputy Sheriff of the County of Yarmouth and in 1948 was named High Sheriff. Baker first married Gertrude M. Cox, the daughter of Charles Cox and Nelliee Fulton of Truro, Colchester County, N.S. Gertrude died in 1950. He later married Joan (Fisher) Cann, the widow of B.B. Cann. Joan was born circa 1929 in Truro, the daughter of Avard and Rita Anderson. Baker died on 10 November 1972.

Gavel, Marie Churchill, b. 1931

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  • 1931-

Marie Gavel was the daughter of Judson and Laura Joy Churchill (Shaw) Gavel, born ca. 1931. Marie was raised in Short Beach, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia and attended school in Sandford, Yarmouth County and later Yarmouth Academy. Following her marriage to Winston Churchill, she continued to live in Short Beach and for a time worked in the office of Cosmos Imperial Mills Ltd. She left her position to raise a family.

Green, John, fl. ca. 1970-1990

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John Green was a Yarmouth, N.S. collector and dealer in military artifacts. During his life he was involved in the Yarmouth County Historical Society and donated many items to the Museum's artifact collection.

Doane, C. Asa, ca. 1899-1993

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Charles Asa (Ace) Doane was born in Dayton, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia circa 1899. He was the son of Charles Herbert and Rosalie (Crosby) Doane. At the Yarmouth Academy, he studied mechanical and architectural drafting. He served in the Canadian Royal Flying Corps during World War I and later became an active members of the Royal Canadian Legion, serving as zone commander and later president of Nova Scotia Command. He was rewarded with the Meritorious Service Medal, and was a recipient of numerous honours from the American Legion, Paradise Lost, Florida. Following his return to Yarmouth at the end of the War, he owned and operated a garage and service station, and ventured into the construction business. Doane married Mildred Cameron, who predeceased him. The couple had one daughter, Beverly. Doane died on 17 March 1993.

Brown, George S., 1827-1915

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  • 1827-1915

George Stayley Brown was born at Yarmouth, N.S. in 1827, the son of Stayley and Charlotte (Fletcher) Brown. He was educated at the Yarmouth Academy and Harvard University. On 27 April 1856, Brown married Elizabeth Bond, the third daughter of the Hon. James and Deborah (Tooker) Bond. Brown was a Director, then President of the Acadian Marine Insurance Company, and an original stockholder in the Bank of Yarmouth and the Exchange Bank of Yarmouth. He was also a ship owner and held extensive business interests in 38 vessels. In 1869, he held the post of Spanish consul. In 1863, he was elected as Yarmouth's representative in the Nova Scotia House of Assembly. He also served as a magistrate from 1860-1879. From about 1875, he moved to Boston where he spent his remaining years until his death on 12 September 1915. Brown published numerous genealogies of Yarmouth families in the Yarmouth Herald from 1896-1909. These were reprinted in book form in 1993. Brown also published Yarmouth, Nova Scotia: A Sequel to Campbell's History in 1888, which was reprinted in 1995.

Cook, David, Captain, fl. 1840-1869

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David Cook was a Clementsport, Nova Scotia shipbuilder and master. In 1849, while the master of the trading barque Sarah he was involved in the sinking of the American ship Caleb Grimshaw and he managed to rescue most of the crew and passengers, for which he was awarded the Honorary Silver Medal of Lloyds'. During the 1860's he commanded the barque Louisa Cook around the world on trading voyages.

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