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Fales, Douglas

  • Person
  • 1929-

Douglas Fales began his career in 1943 as an apprentice at the Bishop St. studio of Adam Sherriff Scott. After school, he followed a brief stint at The Gazette before joining Morgan's and later Ogilvy's as a professional illustrator. There he worked for 40 years, sketching men's fashions and other works until his retirement in 1985. As an artist, Fales works with oil and pastels and conté. Fales created artwork for the Spencers Island Lighthouse relating to the Mary Celeste. His work is also featured at Lunenburg and various Montreal galleries.

Fletcher, Roy Lesmere

  • Person
  • 1931-2018

Roy Lesmere Fletcher was born in 1931 in New Salem, Cumberland County, NS, to Carl and Gertrude (Atkinson) Fletcher. Roy left home at fourteen and went to London, Ont. where he worked for the city of London. He later joined the Canadian Armed Forces. Roy was a well decorated soldier who served in the Korean War. He lived in London, Ont. for 38 years, moving back to New Salem, N.S. in 1977. He moved to Parrsboro in 2003 and to Amherst in 2005. He worked as a Commissionaire for the Sand River Correction Centre, and retired in 1990, when the Centre closed. He was predeceased by his wife, the former Emily Baker in 2007; sisters, Cora, Marion, Olga; brothers, Roland, Sydney. He passed away on August 19, 2018, in Upper Nappan, Cumberland County, NS.

Slater, Hazel

  • Person
  • 1911-2006

Hazel Eugenia Slater was born in Ward's Brook, Cumberland County, NS. She was a daughter of the late John and Elsie (Canning) Slater. She was a school teacher.

McCully, Andrew

  • Person
  • 1886-1926

Andrew Ewan McCully, was born in 1886 to Fredrick Lemuel McCully and Emma Amelia Ayer. He married Emma May Crossman in 1908, at age 22. They had 5 children. Andrew passed away in 1926, at age 40.

Bowser, Dara

  • Person
  • 1956-

Dara Garfield Bowser was born in 1956 to Josephine Slater and Garfield Bowser. He is a descendant of the Cannings, Slater and Hatfield families of the Parrsboro Shore, N.S.

Zwicker, Carol

  • Person

Carol Zwicker is the granddaughter of John McCullough Mill, an engineer from Port Greville, N.S.

Merriam, John

  • Person
  • 1943-

John Merriam is the son of Captain Rand Merriam and Grandson of Captain Harvey Doane Merriam. John is a former RCMP member and lives with his wife Linda sharing their time in their two homes in Berwick and Wards Brook, N.S.

Collins, Alex

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  • 1870-unknown

Alexander Collins, was born in Liverpool, N.S. He took to sailing at an early age and worked on engines and boilers on ships. He spent many years in Wards Brook, N.S.

Stanley, David

  • Person

David Stanley was born in New Zealand and he had always dreamt of a life of adventure at sea. He went to Dalhousie University to complete his Masters in History and choose to do his thesis on the Spencers Island Company, a case study in Nova Scotian entrepreneurial success. David hosted a presentation to the public at The Age of Sail Museum and gave a copy of his thesis to the museum archives.

Dewis, Sinclair

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Sinclair Dewis is the Great Grandson of Captain Robert Dewis and Emily Spicer. He has taken an active role in gathering the Dewis family history for years.

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