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Age of Sail Museum Parrsboro (Cumberland County, N.S.)

Crossman family

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  • 1861-

George Edward Crossman was born on February 18, 1861, in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, to Olivia Jane Lewis (Crossman), age 27 and William Crossman, age 39. He was the older brother to five sisters and two brothers. George married Eudevilla Spicer Ayer in Amhesrt, Nova Scotia, on April 12, 1884, when he was 23 years old. George and Eudevilla had ten children: Emma May, Harry S, Buddy, Martha Mattie, Lottie Emma, Rosanna Blanche, Nellie, Cathleen, Marion, and Elizabeth. Census records indicate that George Crossman lived in Cumberland, Nova Scotia in 1901, and 1911. He passed away on June 26, 1940 in Cumberland, Nova Scotia, at 79 years of age.

Dewis, Sinclair

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Sinclair Dewis is the Great Grandson of Captain Robert Dewis and Emily Spicer. He has taken an active role in gathering the Dewis family history for years.

Hatfield family

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  • 1740 -

John Hatfield was born in 1740 in Fontmell Magna, Dorset, England. Early in the American Revolutionary War, he was a Sergeant in the 4th (Kings Own) Regiment of Foot, where he served in Boston, Staten Island, and Brooklyn before being discharged on March 10, 1777. He was then appointed Captain in the 3rd New Jersey Volunteers, a unit based largely out of Staten Island on April 15, 1777. He served with the Volunteers in the Battle of Savannah under Lt. Col. Archibald Campbell on December 29, 1778. Later, he served in the 1779 Quebec campaign with Robert Rogers's Kings Rangers.

He was married on June 28, 1778 to Mary Lockerman at New York City’s Trinity Church, by the Loyalist Reverend Charles Inglis, Rector and Chaplain in the regiment and who later was made Bishop of Nova Scotia. Family oral history indicates that Capt. John Hatfield eloped with his wife-to-be, Mary Lockerman, bringing her from Staten Island to New York in a small row boat. She came from an anti-Loyalist Knickerbocker family.

John and Mary had three children. The family sailed from New York to Nova Scotia with 2,000 Loyalists circa 1783. They arrived first in Yarmouth and then moved to the Parrsborough Shore. They landed and took possession of land at Fox River. He was granted 700 acres in 1784 at Lot 51 in Fox River, "on the shore of Minas Gut." He retired from the Kings Rangers with half pay in 1792.

The Hatfields prospered, and purchased more land, some years before the present town, Parrsboro, (first called Mill Village) was named. John Hatfield took an active part in the development of Parrsboro district. He was appointed by the Court of Sessions in 1794 as Surveyor of Highways and he was again appointed in 1799. Captain John Hatfield passed away on November 16, 1804 and was interred in uniform within the Hatfield family burying ground near the mouth of the Fox River. Approximately, 50 years later Mary (Lockerman) Hatfield was buried in the churchyard of the Holy Trinity parish of Port Greville, Nova Scotia.

Morris family

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  • 1793 -

Lutheran Morris was born in Woodbridge, Sussex Co., New Jersey (East Jersey) on 17 October 1739. Lutheran served as a member of the 3rd New Jersey Volunteers during the American Revolution. He married Catherine Swan (circa 1739 – circa 1759), of Scottish decent. Lutheran had 15 children including John, Benjamin, Nancy, Samuel, Joshua, Randall/Randolph, Henry, Dorothy, Charles, Isaac, Thomas, Catherine, William, Mary and Lavinia. He was one of the first settlers at Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, where he became a farmer. His children were all baptized at St George's Anglican Church in Parrsboro, NS and Lutheran is shown as being baptized as an adult on Dec. 12, 1878 at St. George's Anglican Church in Parrsboro Township. Later in life, Lutheran was a member of Methodist Church in Advocate Harbor, N.S. Lutheran died at Advocate Harbor, on September 14, 1839.

Welch family

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  • 1854-

Joshua Welch was born on September 7 1854 in Port Greville, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia. He was married to Emilne Welch (1862 – 1938) of Fraserville, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia. Emilne gave birth to their daughter Lottie Bell on 17 December 1892 in Wards Brook, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia. Their daughter, Lottie Bell, married Stewart Ayer and had one child Jessie Fraulen (Welch) McCully. Census records indicate that Joshua lived in Parrsboro in 1881, Port Greville in 1891, 1901 and 1921.Joshua passed away on 28 July 1927 in Port Greville, NS.

Yorke family

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  • 1790 -

Edward Yorke was a born circa 1790 in Yorke Settlement, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia to Jones Yorke and Susannah (Vickery) Yorke. Edward worked as a farmer. He married Ann Nancy Hatfield on 25 July 1816 in St. Georges Anglican Church, Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. They were married by Jeese Lewis, J.P., commissioned to perform marriages according to the rites of the Church of England. Edward and Ann had three children: Mary (Yorke) Newcombe, Elizabeth (Yorke) Smith and Harriet (Yorke) Bentley. Edward passed away circa 1850 in Parrsboro, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia.