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St. Mary's Genealogy Research Centre at Sherbrooke Village

McDaniel family

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  • Family
  • 1816-1913(?)

Capt. John McDaniel (1816 – 1882) was the second son of Henry McDaniel (1787 – 1842) and Catherine (Umlah / Hemlow) McDaniel (1795 – 1868). John McDaniel and his brother James ran a regular packet service, and in 1864-5, “ John McDaniel and Co.” ran two schooners, between Halifax and Sherbrooke. John held many public offices in Sherbrooke (River Pilot, Inspector of Weights and Measures, Fish Inspector, Beef and Pork Inspector, Coal Measurer, Trustee of Booms, Trustee and later Commissioner of the Court House and Jail, sat on the Grand Jury, and later was a Magistrate, and Judge of the Court of Probate).

He established two ferry services, one across Wine Harbour to the gold diggings (1862) and the other across the St. Mary’s River below Sherbrooke, connecting Sherbrooke to the Goldenville mining district. He established a dock on his land on the western bank of the St. Mary’s River and worked to have a road opened between his wharf and the main road to Goldenville, then instituted a ferry service across the river.

He established McDaniel’s Hotel (Sherbrooke Hotel) ca 1863, in the village of Sherbrooke. He operated a carriage service to transport guests from the dock to the hotel. He operated a store, had a stable and wagon shed, ran a livery service and transported freight from the wharf to his store and made deliveries to Antigonish. John McDaniel married Mary Bent, daughter of William Bent (also known as William Trowbridge).

Ruby Lillian Kaiser

  • Person
  • 1930-2015

Ruby Lillian Kaiser was born in Sonora, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia in 1930. The daughter of Asa and Edna (Burns) Jordan, she had five siblings. Ruby held a life-long interest in the local history and geneaology of Sonora and area, and collected relevant photographs, newspaper clippings, obituaries, memorials, and other geneaology records. She was a member of Sonora Baptist Church, the Sonora branch of the Women’s Institute of Nova Scotia, Women’s Baptist Missionary Society, and the St. Mary’s Garden Club. She married Victor Kaiser in 1953 and they had three children.