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Maureen Elwood (fl. 1977-2016)
Personne · fl. 1977-2016

Maureen Elwood is the mother of Luke (b. 1977) and Melissa Elwood (b. 1975). Since her children were born, Maureen has been involved in many inclusion efforts for people with disabilities, including through the Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL), who were a major supporter of the case. Maureen was a regular attendee of meetings through CACL’s Halifax branch, and later, had co-chaired a series of three-day conferences dedicated to fostering integration efforts in schools for students with disabilities. During Luke’s earlier childhood, she was also involved in a parent-led group called the Integration Action Group, which aimed to spread knowledge of disability rights issues and ways to ensure inclusion for children with disabilities in all areas of their lives. The events of the case were a very busy time for Maureen and her family. Still, Maureen never stopped advocating for her family and remained active garnering support from neighbours, friends, and her associates she made through her community group efforts.