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Wilson, Rachel

  • Wilson, Rachel
  • Person
  • 1900 - 1995

Rachel Elizabeth Cooke was born on 20 October 1900 in Portaupique Mountain, Colchester County, Nova Scotia, to Mitchell Cooke and Margaret Ellen (Giddens) Cooke. Rachel trained to be a registered nurse at the Halifax Children's Hospital, graduating in 1925, and worked much of her life in Truro, NS. She married J. Arthur Wilson and the couple lived in Truro. Wilson was very involved all of her life in the Women's Institute of Nova Scotia, for which she served for a time as President and Treasurer. She was also very involved with the Baptist Church. She died on 9 July 1995.

Smith, William Cutten

  • Smith, William Cutten
  • Person
  • 1878 - 1967

William Cutten Smith was a resident of Truro, NS. He was Chairman of the Victoria Park Commission ca. 1951 - 1962.

Nelson, Harry

  • Nelson, Harry
  • Person
  • 1912 - 1993

Harry Edgar Nelson was born on 26 May 1912 in Clifton, NS. He was a resident of Great Village, Colchester County, Nova Scotia. He married Donalda Hope MacLachlan in 1943. He was a school teacher, a member of the Colchester Historical Society, and an amateur historian. Nelson died in 1993.

Kinsman, Gordon

  • Kinsman, Gordon
  • Person
  • d. 1999

Gordon Kinsman was a resident of Truro, Nova Scotia. He served as chair of the Colchester Industries Committee, president of the Colchester Historical Society, was instrumental in the establishment of the Colchester Historical Museum and Archives, and was an amateur historian who researched and collected records on the history of Colchester County. Kinsman died in June 1999.

Fulton, Frank

  • Fulton, Frank
  • Person
  • 1927 - 1985

Francis (Frank) Robert Fulton was born 31 December 1927 in Truro, NS. He was the son of Norman Lester Fulton, with whom he established and co-owned Fulton's Insurance, located on Young St., Truro, NS. His brother, Don Fulton, would also become co-owner of the business. He retired from the insurance business in 1975, but continued to work as an artist. He made sculptures from ironworks and became well-known as the "Iron Man", opening shops in Truro, Pugwash, and Glenholme, NS. Frank also had a large collection of antique firearms. He died in 1985.

Ellis, Emma

  • Ellis, Emma
  • Person
  • 1864 - 1950

Emma Ellis was born on 18 June 1864 in Nova Scotia to Robert Ellis and Nancy Ryan. She was a school teacher. She participated in the Expo-Africa program through St. Andrew's United Church, in which she taught children in South Africa circa 1909. She died on 2 February 1950 in Lower Truro, NS.

Randall, Dulcie E. E., b. 1915

  • Dulcie E. E. Randall
  • Person
  • 1915 - 1997

Dulcie Evelyn Everard Randall was born in Birmingham, England on 26 June 1915 to Kathleen Everard. She was adopted within a year of her birth by Dr. Elisha Ambrose Randall and Nina Randall of Truro, NS. She died on 2 August 1997 in Ottawa, ON.

Charles A. McLennan

  • Charles A. McLennan
  • Person
  • [1884 - 1895]

Photographer that was located in Truro, NS.

Patterson, Hon. Mr. Justice Frank Harris, 1891-1976

  • Person
  • 1891 - 1976

K.C., LL.B., D.C.L., Lawyer, Judge, Author.
Born in Tatamagouche, Colchester County, NS, son of William and Elizabeth (Campbell) Patterson, his great grandfather came to Pictou from Linwood, Scotland on the Hector in 1773. In 1925 he married Ina MacNee and they had two daughters: Edith and Mary. He was educated at Pictou Academy and Dalhousie University. He practiced law in Yarmouth before moving to Truro where he continued to practice. In 1958, he was appointed as Judge of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, retiring in 1965. He was very active in writing the history of Pictou and Colchester Counties and in this regard authored several books. Mr. Justice Patterson was President of the Nova Scotia Historical Society from 1960 to 1963. He died in Truro, NS.

Vernon, Ernest Daniel, 1872–1941

  • Person
  • 1872-1941

Architect, Merchant
Born in London, England, E. D. Vernon and his mother and two brothers came to Canada and lived in Salmon River, Colchester County, near what is known as Vernon Bridge. He first married Ella Thomas, then Annie Dodson, and then Myra Barnes. His children were David, Jack, Russell and Dorothy.
Ernest received his general education in England where he passed his matriculation for Oxford. After locating in Truro he went to Halifax where for several years he studied architecture. He did his thesis on the gates of the Halifax Public Gardens. In early 1892, Ernest D. Vernon advertised architectural and draughting services and opened an office on Prince Street in July of that year. .
In 1911 he built the large brick store at 802 Prince Street and started a furniture business there, of which he was manager. His involvement with Vernon & Co Ltd. continued for the rest of his life, concurrently with his architectural practice. His plans of the new store for Vernon Furniture Co., several buildings of the Nova Scotia Residential Centre (then called the Maritime Home for Girls), the Central Fire Hall with Extension (1915), St. John’s Parish Hall (1916), Alice Street School (1920), Colchester County Hospital (1925), a modern residence on Victoria St. For W. H. Faltenhine (1938) as well as the residence of Frank Stanfield at 38 Dominion St., are a few examples of his work.
Ernest Vernon was a member of the St. John’s Church of England and is buried in Terrace Hill Cemetery, Truro, NS

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