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Zwicker, John H., 1833-1913
Person · 1833-1913

John H. Zwicker was born in 1833. Active as a shipwright, he opened his own shipyard in Mahone Bay in 1862. In the decades that followed, he emerged as one of the town’s leading shipbuilders, turning out 162 vessels, mostly schooners, but also including several brigantines and barquentines, as well as the full-rigged ship Kinburn. Zwicker died in 1913. Four years later, the John H. Zwicker yard was sold to John McLean & Sons.

Zwicker, George, 1817-1877
Person · 1817-1877

John George Zwicker, the son of John Zwicker and Charlotte Herman, was born at Indian Point in 1817. Zwicker married Eliza Baker in 1843. The couple had two children, George Gabriel and Mary Ann Selina. George Zwicker died at Indian Point in 1877.

Person · 1776-1855

Eva Margaretha Eisenhauer, the daughter of Johann George Eisenhauer and Anna Christina Margaretha Catherine Mosher, was born in 1776. In 1792 she married George Peter Zwicker of Mahone Bay, who as a prominent and prosperous inhabitant of the town, was eventually known throughout Lunenburg County as “King Peter.” The couple had seven children. Eva Margaretha Zwicker died in 1855 and was buried at Bayview Cemetery in Mahone Bay.

Zwicker, Carol

Carol Zwicker is the granddaughter of John McCullough Mill, an engineer from Port Greville, N.S.

Zink, Ralph C., 1914-1981
Person · 1914-1981

Ralph Churchward Zink was born in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia on 7 December 1914, the son of Cecil Edward Churchward (1880-1967) and Margaret Morea (Mills) Zink. He was educated in Dartmouth and graduated from the Fredericton Business College. During the Second World War he served with the Royal Canadian Artillery, retiring in 1945 with the rank of Major. He worked as a public accountant and bookkeeper in Newfoundland; at Amherst, Nova Scotia; and, for the last twelve years of his career, with the Nova Scotia Agricultural College in Truro, retiring in 1979. He also assisted with his father's funeral home business. He was married twice. His first wife was Mary B. Lucas; he survived her and later married Margaret P.E. Keddy. Zink had two children, Lynda and David. He died on 17 June 1981 in Windsor, Nova Scotia and is buried in Park Cemetery, Mahone Bay.

Zink, Cecil, 1880-1967
Person · 1880-1967

Cecil Edward Churchward Zink was born on 28 December 1880, the son of David (1846-1934) and Jane Arabella (Hiltz) (1843-1933) Zink. He married Margaret Morea Mills on 16 June 1908, and they had two sons, Frank and Ralph. Zink was an undertaker with Dartmouth Undertakers on Portland Street, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, at the time of the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. He went out to recover bodies aboard the Canadian Government steamship Montmagny in the aftermath of the disaster. In 1915 he began to work privately as an undertaker and embalmer at 217 Portland Street in Dartmouth. Zink's Funeral Service was registered as a limited company in 1941. It has since been amalgamated with the Dartmouth Crematorium Limited. Lynch died on 14 October 1967 in Halifax, Nova Scotia and is buried in the Mount Hermon Cemetery in Dartmouth.

Zinck, Russell B.
Person · 1897 - 19--

Russell B. Zinck was born in 1897 in Blandford, Nova Scotia. He attended the local school, but left at an early age to farm and fish. In 1916 he enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force and was sent overseas in 1918, where he fought at the battle of Amiens with the Nova Scotia 25th Battalion. After the war he moved to Halifax and married Edith May Davis in 1922. Zinck was a member of the Twenty-fifth Battalion Memory Club, the Royal Canadian Legion, the Telephone Pioneers of America and the Nova Scotia Centre of Poetry Society. He had more than one hundred poems published by the local press. His poetry was also published in the Nova Scotia Book of Verse, the Alberta Poetry Yearbook, and the Maritime Anthology of Verse.


George E. Zinck was employed as an accredited property appraiser for the federal Dept. of Munitions and Supply, Office of the Wartime Administrator Canadian Atlantic Ports, Explosion Damage Claims division, at Halifax, N.S.

Zelenietz, Marty

Dr. Marty Zelenietz is a faculty member with the Department of Anthropology at Saint Mary's University, with an extensive background in ethnographic field research. One of his major studies was an ethnographic survey in Kilenge, Papua New Guinea. He often collaborates with his wife, Dr. Jill Grant.

In addition to his anthropological research, Zelenietz is active politically, having twice sought office as a Member of Parliament for Dartmouth for the New Democratic Party (in 1988 and 1993).

Zeiman, Gerald K.

Gerald Zeiman was born in Halifax, to Mary and John. He grew up in Dartmouth and later settled in Amherst, Nova Sciotia. He started the company, X, in 1959 and it was a great success.