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Authority record
Crows Nest Mining Co.
Corporate body · ca. 1897-1902

The Crows Nest Mining Company mined for gold in the Crows Nest area of the St. Mary's River, near Melrose and Glenelg, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Crows Nest was part of the Cochrane Hill Gold Mining District. Little is known about the company, but property title searches reveal that the Crows Nest Mining Co. was incorporated in Maine in 1897 and located in Kittery. On 18 May 1897, Walter C. Cogswell of Newton, Massachusetts deeded property to this company (St. Mary's District Deeds Book J, p. 522-24). On 26 May 1902, the Crows Nest Mining Co. gave a quit claim deed to the property to Marland L. Pratt of Boston (St. Mary's District Deed Book 11, p. 117-19).

Faulkner, Paula
Person · 1964-

Paula (nee Horton) Faulkner is the daughter of John Horton and Margaret Carroll Sears. She was raised in the Municipality of the District of St. Mary's and attended school at St. Mary's Rural High.

Fraser family
Family · ca. 1820s-1949

Crows Nest is an area that stretches across both sides of the St. Mary's River near Waternish, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia. Crows Nest farm was settled in the ca. 1820s by Simon Fraser, who was born in Pictou in 1790 and migrated to the St. Mary's River valley. He married Ann MacLean and together they had four children: Malcolm (b. 1813); John (b. 1824); Hugh R. (b. 1826); and Simon (birthdate unknown). Hugh R., who was born in St. Mary's, married Ann McDaniel and inherited the family farm. They had seven children: Rebekah (b. 1858, d. 1924); Abigail (b. 1858); John (b. 1860); Margaret (Maggie) (b. 1863, d. 1949); Charles (b. 1867); Freeman (b. 1868); and Hugh (b. 1872). Hugh R., Ann, and their children continued farming through the first decade of the 20th century, and the couple died in 1913.

Rebekah Fraser married James Coffey in Amherst, Nova Scotia in 1881 and was widowed. She returned to her parent’s farm at Crows Nest by the 1901 Census of Canada and lived in the community until her death in 1924.

Margaret (Maggie) Fraser immigrated to Chelsea, Massachusetts, sometime in the 1880s. There she married Herbert B. Smith, who was originally from Mount Denson, Nova Scotia, on 4 September 1895. He died in a tragic workplace accident in 1906, and the widowed Maggie returned home to the farm in Crows Nest by the 1911 Census of Canada.

Following the death of Hugh R. and Ann Fraser in 1913, and when sportsmen began frequenting the St. Mary's River region for hunting and fishing, Maggie Fraser Smith transitioned the farmhouse to an inn that accommodated sportsmen from around the world. According to Maggie’s death record, she operated the Crows Nest House, as the inn was called, until ca. 1937. She died in 1949 in a nursing home in Apple River, Cumberland County.

Lomas family
2022.006 · Family · 1927-2012

Alton Anderson Lomas was born 29 March 1927 in Halifax, Nova Scotia to Alton Inkerman Lomas, manager of the Henry Birks & Sons store, and Mary Forbes (Anderson) Lomas, a schoolteacher from a prominent family in Sherbrooke, NS. One year later, Aleah Henderson Palmer was born 8 June 1928 in Boston, Massachusetts, to businessman Ingham Wright Palmer and Maude (Henderson) Palmer. The Palmers were Canadian, and returned to Canada in 1933, settling in Summerside, Prince Edward Island. In 1948, Alton (Al) and Aleah met as undergraduate students with a mutual interest in History, and the couple wed in 1949. 
Al and Aleah lived in Halifax and Windsor, Nova Scotia, as well as Borden, Ontario, until Al was appointed to the Canadian Foreign Trade Commissioner Service in 1953. From 1953-1982, Al worked as Vice-Consul and Assistant Commissioner at the Canadian Government Trade Commission in Detroit, Michigan; Trade Commissioner at the Canadian Embassy in Mexico City, Mexico; Trade Commissioner and Commercial Secretary of the Canadian Embassy in Brussels, Belgium; Trade Commissioner, Canadian Consulate General and Canadian Delegate to the United Nations Development Program in New York City, New York; Senior Assistant to the Deputy Minister of Industry, Trade and Commerce in Ottawa, ON; Assistant Deputy Minister at Nova Scotia Department of Development, then Secretary to the Council of Maritime Premiers in Halifax, NS; and Senior Trade Officer and Minister of the Canadian Embassy in Beijing, China.  
After Al Lomas retired from government service, he and Aleah moved to Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia, where they dedicated themselves to community service. In 1983, Aleah became Librarian and Storytime Leader at Sherbrooke Library, and in the 1990s, she reported on local news for CBC radio. She was also appointed to serve on the Historic Sherbrooke Restoration Commission. Al and Aleah collected extensive research on the Municipality of St. Mary’s with the intention of publishing a historical account of the area. The couple had two children, and five grandchildren. After Al Lomas passed away 17 June, 2000, Aleah continued her volunteer work. She was awarded the Lieutenant Governor’s Heritage Award and the Sir John Coape Sherbrooke Heritage Award in 2004. In 2005, Aleah married Murray Anderson, and they remained together until Aleah passed away on 18 August 2012.

Stewart Family
Family · 1836-1950

The Stewart family owned and operated Eleven Mile House (or 11 Mile House), an historic inn and coach stop near the forks of the St. Mary's River at Melrose, Guysborough County located eleven miles from Sherbrooke on the Antigonish to Sherbrooke road. Eleven Mile House was an important social and economic center for Melrose and surrounding areas, offering lodgings, meals, coaching services, and mail delivery. James Stewart (born around 1836, died 1887 and buried in Riverside Cemetery, Sherbrooke) married Margaret Bollong, the widow of Isaac Cumminger, in 1863 and together they had four children. Their third son, Harry Edwin Stewart (born November 11, 1869) went on to operate Eleven Mile House. He also farmed and lumbered, operated a store from the house, and was involved in provincial elections as a reviser of voting lists. He married Sarah Tate on October 18, 1892 and together they had three children. He died September 10, 1950 in Berwick, Nova Scotia, where his son, William C. Stewart, resided. He is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Aspen, Guysborough Co.