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Person Parrsboro (Cumberland County, N.S.)

Melanson Smith, Jeanie F.

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  • 1941 - 2010

Jeanie was born on October 11, 1941 in Springhill NS to Raynold and Gladys (O'Rourke) Melanson. Jeanie spent her childhood and teenage years growing up in Parrsboro NS. In February 1966 Jeanie married David Smith and they made their home in River Hebert NS, where they raised three daughters. Jeanie had a passion for helping others. As a Majorette teacher in River Hebert and neighbouring communities she focused more on self confidence , inclusion and equality, than on talent and ability. Jeanie was a business owner of Smith's General Store and Take Out from 1975 to 1985, she measured success not in profits and possessions, but in the opportunity to encourage, inspire and teach countless teenagers as a friend. Accomplishing much throughout her life as a board member, community volunteer and charity fundraiser. Jeanie was most proud of the instrumental role she played in organizing three successful Parrsboro School Reunions (1989, 1994 and 1999) and the longstanding record she held as a top individual fundraiser in the Run for the Cure. Jeanie passed away on September 3, 2010.

Dewis, Sinclair

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Sinclair Dewis is the Great Grandson of Captain Robert Dewis and Emily Spicer. He has taken an active role in gathering the Dewis family history for years.

Collins, William Miles

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  • 1864-1962

Born in Advocate Harbour, NS on 18 April 1864 to Charles Wallace P Collins and Elizabeth Ann Lank. In 1880, at the age of sixteen Collins went to sea initially on steamers. He later turned to sailing with this brother, Captain Frank Collins and his sister Lauretta’s husband Captain Eli Knowlton. His first voyage across the Atlantic was transporting timber on the Endymion to Liverpool, England. After several years of sailing Collins received his master’s certificate in 1892. However, he continued to sail as a mate for some time with the Spicer brothers. In 1900, Collins took his first command on the barque Edward L. Mayberry, from New York to Wellington, New Zealand and was accompanied by his wife Margaret Ellen (Ellie) Reid. Together, Margaret and Collins had six children. Collins sailed the Evade a three-masted schooner for ten years. In 1911, he retired after more than thirty years at sea. He purchased a farm in West Advocate which had a small store. In 1919, at the age of fifty-four, Collins came out of retirement to take command of the Adamac and then the Edward A. Cohan sailing across the North Atlantic. Collins last command was the schooner E.H. Wharton Davies built in West Advocate. He passed away on 17 August 1962 in Parrsboro, NS in his ninety-ninth year.

Byers, Conrad

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  • 1943-2017

Conrad was born February 15, 1943 in Parrsboro. He was a local historian who also operated the Time Frame Photos, photo studio. Conrad was hired as a historical reference/curator for 2 years at the onset of the Age of Sail Museum and continued to be a strong supporter of the museum until his death.