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Vickery, E.J., 1862-1940

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Edgar J. Vickery was born in 1862 in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, to John and Mary Vickery. Orphaned young, at the age of fourteen he went to sea as a cabin boy. In 1887 he opened a book and stationary shop in Yarmouth and, later, The Book Room on Barrington Street in Halifax. He also operated a circulating library, charging 2 cents per day or 10 cents per week. He married Mary Katherine Dudman in 1888, with whom he had four children. Vickery died in 1939.

Walton, Evelyn A., fl. 1941

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Mrs. Evelyn A. Walton lived in Staplecross, Sussex ca. 1941.

Bryce McMaster was a British war poet. Educated at Oxford University, his collection The Stranger And Other Poems was published by Edward Arnold in 1923.

Ward, Richard, (fl.1888-1977)

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Richard Ward was an insurance agent who also enjoyed going to the theatre. He flourished around 1888-1977.

Westhaver, James Benjamin

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Capt. J. Benjamin Westhaver was a master mariner and inventor from Mahone Bay, N.S.

Wilkinson, John M.

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John M. Wilkinson was originally from Guysboro, Nova Scotia. In 1954 he married Janet Mabel White in Boston, MA. They subsequently lived in Alberta for several years before returning to Nova Scotia in 1958.

Wolfe, Augusta E., 1850-1939

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  • 1850-1939

Augusta E. Wolfe was born Augusta E. Croft on January 3, 1851 in West Dublin, Nova Scotia to farmers Fred and Margaret Croft. In 1886 she married Daniel Edgar Wolfe, a fisherman, with whom she had at least one son, Harold E. Wolfe, who died at sea. She died a widow on July 4, 1939.

Woodbury, William Weatherspoon, Dr., 1882-1967

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Dr. Woodbury was born in 1882 and graduated from Dalhousie University (B.Sc.) in 1905 and from Philadelphia Dental College (D.D.S). He was Professor of Orthodontics in the Faculty of Dentistry at Dalhousie University from 1911-1952 and was Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry from 1935-1947.

He received an honorary degree (L.L.D.) from Dalhousie in 1953 and made Professor Emeritus. Dr. Woodbury passed away on October 13, 1967.

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