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Little / Punch family

Edythe and Michael Punch accumulated considerable interesting ephemera that their daughter Carolyn Smedley generously donated to the Municipal Archives. Edythe was born Edith Little in 1902 at 140 Longard Road, Halifax (which became north end of Robie Street) eldest child of William Henry (Harry) Little (1881-1973) and Ethel Beatrice Kew (1882-1967). Harry's parents David and Florence (Craig) Little lived further down Longard Road below Lady Hammond with their large family, including daughter Gladys. The Little family had originally settled the Upper Hammonds's Plain area. Ethel's widowed mother Margaret Kew, nee Gerrard, was of the family that had grown up on Gerrard's Island. Harry was a cooper at the Acadia Sugar Refinery. He served overseas in WWI and when he returned did not stay with Ethel and their children, moving to the Sackville area. Ethel raised her 10 children (born 1902-1920) on her own. Michael Thomas Punch was born July 18, 1899 on Robie Street and worked in communications. Prior to her marriage Edythe was a telephone operator. Edythe and Michael's children were Carolyn Smedley and Terrence M. Punch.

Bedford Leisure Club

Bedford Leisure Club is a volunteer-operated society that hosts leisure activities for its members from October-May of each year, including: the Bedford Leisure Club Orchestra and Choir, cards, social events, and workshops. The Club was originally organized for Bedford seniors in 1970 by local church leaders as the Life Begins at Sixty social group. The group’s name was changed to the Bedford Leisure Club in 1978 when it was incorporated after receiving grants from New Horizons and other organizations. From 1990 up until 2020 the Club has shared a municipally owned facility with the Bedford Lawn Bowling Club.

Halifax (N.S.). Recreation and Playgrounds Commission for the City of Halifax

The Recreation and Playgrounds Commission replaced the earlier Playgrounds Commission and assumed responsibility for the former’s property, debts, and obligations. Eleven members made up the commission: the mayor; two members of the Local Council of Women; one member of the Trades and Labour Council; four aldermen and three residents of the city, appointed by council. The commission met on a monthly basis, made annual reports to council, and had a chairman, vice-chairman, and secretary. The commission acquired and managed property, facilities and equipment for recreational purposes, studies children's recrational needs, in order to promote healthful recreation among the residents of the city In 1972 the Recreation and Playgrounds Commission was replaced by the Recreation Committee. SourcesThe Statutes of Nova Scotia , 1952, c. 89, s. 18-19, 382-383. City Solicitor, Halifax (N.S.), "The City Council, its Committees, Boards and Commissions, and the Civic Administration of the City of Halifax for the year 1964," 17 February 1964, HRM Archives, Dartmouth, NS, 36-39.

Halifax (N.S.: County) Chief Administrative Officer

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) was responsible for the administrative operations of Halifax County Municipality. Acting as the official liaison between County Council and municipal staff, the CAO directed and coordinated the implementation of Council’s administrative policies and plans. The position of CAO was created in February 1980 when County Council passed By-law No. 56, the Chief Administrative Officer By-law. The CAO reported to Council and the Management Committee and oversaw the work of the County’s nine department heads as well as the Corporate Secretariat (which included legal services, the Clerk’s office, policy and research, by-law enforcement, etc,). As the senior administrator and personnel director of the municipal government, the CAO was mainly responsible for: managing the daily affairs of all municipal departments; preparing and administering the annual budget; attending all Council meetings; facilitating communication between Council and staff; making recommendations to Council about the appointment and dismissal of department heads; appointing and dismissing all municipal employees (with the exception of department heads); acting as municipal government representative in labour negotiations; authorizing the purchase and sale of County assets (under a certain dollar amount); supervising all contract work undertaken for the Municipality; pursuing legal action when authorized by Council; and performing any other duties assigned by Council. From the establishment of the position until 1995, Halifax County Municipality’s CAO was Kenneth Meech. In late 1995, Meech left the County to become the CAO for the newly-created Halifax Regional Municipality. After Meech’s departure in August 1995, George M. McLellan was appointed Acting CAO. Peter Dickson (also spelled Dixon) was named to the position in October 1995 and was replaced by Vince Smith in January 1996. After April 1, 1996, the Halifax County Municipality, along with the position of CAO, ceased to exist.

Halifax (N.S. County). Tri Committee

The Tri Committee was created by County Council and was charged with reviewing and making recommendations to Council about the Council's committee structure and councillor salaries. The Committee was made up of three councillors with one acting as Chairman.

Noise Bylaw Committee

Operating under the authority of the Executive Committee, the Noise Bylaw Committee's main task was to consider a control of noise bylaw for the Municipality of the County of Halifax.

Dr. Sam van der Kloet

  • Person
  • 1942-2011

Dr. Sam van der Kloet was born in 1942 at Hiedenskip, Friesland of the Netherlands. After immigrating to Canada with family in 1947, the van der Kloets bought a farm in Petrolia, Ontario. Sam went to Queen’s University during this period and received at BA in Classics as well as a PhD in Botany. While at Queen's he met Carol Rae and they married eventually having two children named Julie and Peter.

After completing his PhD in 1972, Sam and Carol van der Kloet moved to Wolfville, Nova Scotia where Sam became a professor at Acadia University and curator of the E. C. Smith Herbarium. Dr. van der Kloet taught in the biology department for 29 years and during his career he was a prolific writer, publishing over 70 peer-reviewed works which built his reputation as an authority on blueberry plants and their taxonomy. Dr. van der Kloet also conduct many international research trips as part of his ongoing research including to Papua New Guinea in 1975 and on the Hiep Expedition Vietnam in 1997. He maintained strong external relationships including with the Archbold Biological Research Station in Florida and the Linnean Society of London, serving as a research fellow between 1978 to 1979 and becoming an elected fellow in 1998, respectively.

After his retirement as a professor of Acadia, Dr. van der Kloet continued his work as an honorary research associate at the biology department and as the University Botanist for several years. Dr. Sam van der Kloet passed away in Wolfville on January 26, 2011. He is remembered as an active community member, a respected instructor at Acadia,and for his contributions as a globally renowned expert on blueberry plants.

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