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LCdr Tom Copeland
Person · 1930-(?)

Copeland was a Pilot who flew both military and civilian planes. His military history began in 1949 at the Shearwater. He flew a variety of operations, including NATO operations, acted as an observer for the United Nations as commanding officer of the 424 squadron in 1970, and as an Intelligence officer in the USN as a China watcher in 1978. In 1985 he was transferred to the Senior Officer Naval 75th Anniversary Team. He began flying staff charters for IMP in 1986, and stayed with IMP until his retirement in 1991.

William Farrell
Person · 1925-

Made cadet in 1943, and an ordinary seaman in 1944. Tended multiple training courses for aviation, eventually making the 825 squadron which served abord the HMCS Warrior (later renumbered as 880, as 825 was returned to the Royal Navy), and later the HMCS Magnificent. He was then promoted to a member of staff at Stadacona for the Maritime Wartime School, he served during the Korean war abord the HMCS Iroquois. After this he resumed instructional duties, eventually returning to Stadacona as First Lieutenant Commander. He retired from the Military in 1967 and switched to bush flying and forest spraying.

John Downie Hewer
Person · December 12, 1930-?

Started as a Midshipman in 1952 and went for #2 junior Air Officer Basic Training in Cornwallis, then to Ontario for sea training, and was then made a sub lieutenant, and had a special duty on Flying course at RCAF station Centralia in 1953. RNAS at Culdrose for OTU. From there he went on to RNAS Eglinton, and the HMS illustrious, then to Shearwater, and the Magnificent in 1954. He made lieutenant in 1955, and trained at Shearwater for Helicopter conversion in 1956, and went on to have duty at Shearwater and the Bonaventure with the HS 50 Squadron in 1957-58. Norfolk and USS Randloph for HS 7 Squadron on staff of Naval Air Atlantic in 1960, then on to the USS Intrepid for HS 3 Squadron, made Lieutenant Commander and went to Gatineau for Watchkeeping training 1964. Transferred back to shearwater as Executive Officer of the HS 50 in 1965 Made commander in 1967, remained at Shearwater with HS 50. Made commanding officer in 1967, transferred to Toronto for Canadian Forces Staff college course in 1969. Was Senior Staff officer at St Hubert Mobile command HQ in 10 tactical Air Group and training 1970. Squadron 450 as Commanding officer 1972. Made colonel in 1975 and was at CFHQ as the Director of individual Training. He resigned from the Military in 1979, and then took up a career in Real Estate, moving from sales into Management.