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LCdr Tom Copeland
Personne · 1930-(?)

Copeland was a Pilot who flew both military and civilian planes. His military history began in 1949 at the Shearwater. He flew a variety of operations, including NATO operations, acted as an observer for the United Nations as commanding officer of the 424 squadron in 1970, and as an Intelligence officer in the USN as a China watcher in 1978. In 1985 he was transferred to the Senior Officer Naval 75th Anniversary Team. He began flying staff charters for IMP in 1986, and stayed with IMP until his retirement in 1991.

Maureen Elwood (fl. 1977-2016)
Personne · fl. 1977-2016

Maureen Elwood is the mother of Luke (b. 1977) and Melissa Elwood (b. 1975). Since her children were born, Maureen has been involved in many inclusion efforts for people with disabilities, including through the Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL), who were a major supporter of the case. Maureen was a regular attendee of meetings through CACL’s Halifax branch, and later, had co-chaired a series of three-day conferences dedicated to fostering integration efforts in schools for students with disabilities. During Luke’s earlier childhood, she was also involved in a parent-led group called the Integration Action Group, which aimed to spread knowledge of disability rights issues and ways to ensure inclusion for children with disabilities in all areas of their lives. The events of the case were a very busy time for Maureen and her family. Still, Maureen never stopped advocating for her family and remained active garnering support from neighbours, friends, and her associates she made through her community group efforts.

Luke Elwood (b. 1977)-
Personne · (b. 1977)-

Luke Elwood grew up in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia. He is the son of Maureen and Rick Elwood and has an older sister, Melissa (b. 1975). In 1986, when Luke was in Grade Three, the Elwood family were amid a court battle against the Halifax County- Bedford District School Board (HCBDSB, 1982-1996), who had been trying to halt Luke’s integration into his neighbourhood Atlantic View School. In May 1987, one night before the case was scheduled to go to trial, the Elwoods reached an agreement with the School Board. Luke would be allowed to attend Atlantic View School for another year, then move on through mainstream schooling with his peers. Along the way, Luke has made many friends within his community through various activities including swimming lessons and church groups. Luke has also been an avid goer to Big Cove Camp, where he has volunteered as a junior camp counselor.

Rick Elwood (fl. 1977-2016)
Personne · fl. 1977-2016

Rick Elwood is the father of Luke (b. 1977) and Melissa Elwood (b. 1975). He and his family lived in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia. During the years of the court case, Rick worked as a firefighter.

Melissa Elwood (b. 1975)-
Personne · (b. 1975)-

Melissa Elwood is the older sister of Luke (b. 1977), and the daughter of Maureen and Rick Elwood. She and her family lived in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, where she also attended Atlantic View School. Melissa followed her parents in advocating for Luke’s inclusion at school. One record contains Melissa’s speech notes for a presentation on inclusive education. Another record is a draft to a book based off the Elwoods’ story written from the perspective of an older sister to a sibling with disabilities, taking direct inspiration from Melissa’s account of Luke’s journey.

Elwood Family (fl. 1977-2016)
Famille · fl. 1977-2016

Maureen and Richard “Rick” Elwood raised their two children, Melissa (b. 1975) and Luke (b. 1977) in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia. Maureen was heavily involved in inclusion and integration efforts for people with disabilities and a regular attendee of meetings and conferences through the Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL); Rick worked as a firefighter. Both Melissa and Luke attended an integrated pre-school before the family’s fight for Luke’s inclusion at elementary school arose. It was during Luke’s Grade Three year that the fight reached Case status between Elwoods and the Halifax County-Bedford District School Board (HCBDSB). After an injunction ordered the School Board to allow Luke to stay in his mainstream classroom at Atlantic View School, the Case was eventually settled before trial. By June 1987, Luke would be able to stay with his peers all throughout his schooling years. The Elwood Family’s case set a precedent across Canada for the right to education for all students with disabilities and is a milestone in Nova Scotia’s disability rights history.