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World War I, 1914-1918

Randall, Dulcie E. E., b. 1915

  • Dulcie E. E. Randall
  • Personne
  • 1915 - 1997

Dulcie Evelyn Everard Randall was born in Birmingham, England on 26 June 1915 to Kathleen Everard. She was adopted within a year of her birth by Dr. Elisha Ambrose Randall and Nina Randall of Truro, NS. She died on 2 August 1997 in Ottawa, ON.

Smith, George R. (family)

  • George R. Smith Family
  • Famille
  • [1858 - 1977]

George R. Smith was born in 1858, the son of Sydney Holmes and Agnes (Ray) Smith. He was a trader and store-owner in the Londonderry and later in the Sydney area of Nova Scotia. In 1882 he married Emma G. McNutt, and the couple had six children: Aubrey (b. 1884), Cyril B. (b. 1887), Minnie Florine (b. 1889), Lloyd K. (b. 1891), Raymond (b. 1895), and Ernest G. (b. 1898). The three youngest sons served in World War I. Ernest married Christina Agnes, and they lived in Elmsdale, Hants County, where Ernest ran a store. Raymond lived in Halifax and worked for the Great West Life Assurance Co. and married Josephine M. Gass. The couple had three sons. Florine never married and lived much of her life with her brother Lloyd, who operated a garage in Truro, N.S. She died in 1977. Cyril married and lived in Halifax. He died in 1976.

Blaikie Family

  • Blaikie Family
  • Famille
  • 1837 - present

The Blaikie Family lineage begins with John McKay Blaikie (1837 – 1929), prominent merchant, shipbuilder, and lumberman of the mid- to late-1800s. He and his first wife, Adelaide McLellan, had three sons and a daughter. Their sons were John Arthur Blaikie (1862 – 1938), a customs officer; Thomas David Blaikie (1864 – 1951), owner and manager of the Great Village Creamery; and Gloud Wilson Blaikie (1867 – 1930), owner and operator of the Londonderry Stove Works Co. Their daughter, Annie Blanche Blaikie (1860 - 1879), died at 19-years-old. After the death of Adelaide, John McKay married her first cousin, Melinda Gould (nee McLellan) (1842 – 1920). All three sons married and remained in the area until their deaths; only John Arthur and Gloud Wilson had children. The descendants of the Blaikie Family continued to occupy the Great Village area of Nova Scotia for over a century.