Eastern Shore Archives

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Eastern Shore Archives

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Memory Lane Heritage Village



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5435 Clam Harbour Rd


Lake Charlotte


Nova Scotia

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The Eastern Shore Archives was founded in 2003 in response to the need to preserve the records of the Hosking General Store which had been donated to the Heritage Society when the building was dismantled. The Archives is located in the former Upper Lakeville Community Hall. The hall is one of the local buildings moved to the Heritage Village where it was authentically restored on the exterior and renovated on the interior to create a modern archival facility.

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To acquire primary and secondary records which will aid in the research of the genealogical, social, business, and natural history of the Eastern Shore. To preserve and organize archival materials and published materials using the most current archival standards. To provide members and the general public with efficient access to the Archives' holdings through finding aids and other search tools. To respond to reference questions and aid researchers in their objective.

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The Archives gives top priority to the original records of individuals who lived, and businesses that operated on the Eastern Shore. The Archives has a special interest in store records that predate 1950 from the area or adjacent areas. The Archives also has a special interest in the records related to lighthouses, their keepers, and the preservation of these historic buildings and sites. Priority is also given to records that span the 1940 to 1950 period, and records which give evidence of names and demographics of the area, such as registers. The Archives is responsible for records related to the functions of the LCAHS and Memory Lane Heritage Village.



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June 15 – September 15: Open one day a week, call for an appointment.
September 16 – June 14: Open one day a week, call for an appointment.
Often open on special events days. All open hours are subject to change.

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5435 Clam Harbour Rd
Lake Charlotte, Nova Scotia