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A Plan of Lands in Follie Village, 1850

  • Pièce
  • 1850

Original hand drawn map of "Follie Village, surveyed by me this 9th day of January 1850" by Donald Urquhart. Shows Colchester County land lots, owner names and directional measurements. Note: Map 2011.62.9 is very similar but has a few d...

  • 2011.62.8
  • Partition of the Township of Londonderry, 1861

    • Pièce
    • 1861

    An original hand drawn map which states, "I certify that this plan is a true and correct copy of a Plan of the Partitions of the Township of Londonderry filed in this office. Dept. of Crown Lands, 12 Feby 1861, Samuel P. Fairbanks, Comm. Crow...

  • 2011.62.10
  • Junction of Colchester, Halifax and Guysborough Counties

    • Pièce
    • [after 1836]

    Original hand drawn map which shows the topographical junction point of Colchester, Halifax and Guysborough Counties. This is an early, undated map, but since Guysborough was officially named in 1836, we know this map to be later than this date, b...

  • 2019.24.1
  • Back Lots of the Township of Truro, NS, 1858

    • Pièce
    • 1858

    Original hand drawn map of the Back Lots of the Township of Truro, NS. Copied by Isreal Longworth March 7, 1858. Includes land grants and names of property owners, some roads, marshlands and waterways.

  • 2019.38.1
  • North Line of Onslow Township, Mattatal Property

    • Pièce
    • 1883

    Original hand drawn map shows property of Alexander Mattatal near the North Line of Onslow Township, next to the property of A. Patterson and D. Redmond and along the road from New Annan to Truro, Colchester County, NS.Signed A. I. White, Attorney...

  • 2001.11.1
  • Mail Route from Marshall's Corner to Earltown, 1922-23

    • Pièce
    • 1922

    Hand drawn map showing the Mail Route from Marshall's Corner to Earltown, Colchester County in 1922-23.Includes roads and numbered dots along route which correspond to a list of home owners shown on the side of the map. Unknown creator and unknown...

  • 2002.141.25
  • Plan of Building Lots in Acadian Mines, 1888

    • Pièce
    • 1888

    An original plan of building lots in Acadian (Acadia) Mines, Colchester County, NS, on lands belonging to the late Robert Forman Esq.Shows roads, lots, some adjacent property owners. Family tree of direct descendants is available on CHS Map Data W...

  • 2016.96.1
  • Plan Showing Arc Street Lights in Truro, 1900

    • Pièce
    • 1900

    Original hand drawn map of downtown Truro, 1900, labelled with red dots to indicate present location of arc street lights - 48 in all. Red circles indicate I.C.R. (Intercolonial Railway) lights. Shows Salmon River and part of the railway through T...

  • 2019.7.1
  • Tatamagouche Harbour showing Channel

    • Pièce
    • [1870]

    Original hand drawn map showing Tatmagouche (sic) Harbour, muddy flats dry at low tide, soundings at low water, Mingo's Wharf, Patterson's Wharf, Campbell's Saw Mill and Wharf, Bridge over the French River, New Government Wharf, Sand Point, Block ...

  • 2003.7.2
  • Plan of Lands of Tatamagouche, New Annan & Vicinities

    • Pièce
    • 1853 - 1867

    Original hand drawn map showing Tatamagouche and Area - DesBarres Grant lots and others. Showing county lines, lots, owners, waterways. Dates 1853 - 1867. Surveyed by George Hattie, Land Surveyor

  • 2003.7.1
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