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World War 1, Photographs Avec objets numériques
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Hal McCurdy

  • Pièce

Item is a photograph of Hal McCurdy in full uniform during his service in World War 1.

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  • 185th Battalion, Broughton

    • Pièce

    Item is a photograph of the 185th Battalion parading in Broughton, where they were stationed during the beginning of World War 1.

  • 94-1121-25636
  • First World War Officers

    • Pièce

    Item is a photograph of four medical personnel officers inside Moxham's Castle, stationed there during World War 1 when the castle functioned as a military hospital. The photo was taken in 1919 and shows them sat around a large desk facing the cam...

  • 97-211-28049
  • Aldershot Camp, Nova Scotia

    • Pièce

    Item is a composite photograph of the mess rooms at Aldershot Camp and those stationed there in July, 1918. The three long buildings in the foreground surrounded by lines of soldiers are the mess halls and other buildings and tents are visible in ...

  • 97-871-28719
  • C.B. Highlanders

    • Pièce

    Item is a photograph of four members of the Cape Breton Highlanders during the First World War. Those pictured are identified as J.W. MacKenzie of Boularderie, D.N. MacDonald, David Livingstone of Boularderie, and Lt. Paul MacGillivary of Antigonish.

  • 77-700-834
  • Cape Breton Members of the Canadian Army

    • Pièce

    Item is a photograph of two unidentified members of the Canadian Army from Cape Breton taken during the First World War.

  • 77-704-838
  • Boat Builders, Beinn Bhreagh

    • Pièce
    • 1918

    Item is a photograph of female boat builders, taken by Charles Martin of the National Geographic Society. Four women work indoors on a lifeboat in the foreground, while two others work on another boat in the background. These lifeboats were built ...

  • 77-86-220
  • Aldershot Military Camp

    • Pièce

    Item is a photographic postcard of the Aldershot Military Camp taken during the First World War. Tents, a few buildings, and soldiers are visible.

  • 77-916-1050
  • Lt. John Pringle

    • Pièce
    • ca. 1917

    Item is a photograph of Lt. (also Rev.) John Pringle in uniform sitting in the trenches during the First World War. He is surrounded by various personal effects including a rifle and coat. He is identified in a typed caption at the top of the phot...

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