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Mosher, George, 1842-1919
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Wrench Design - Invention

Original technical drawing of a wrench, invented by Frederick James Dowle. Shows details of Figures 1 & 2.Drawn by George Mosher, Sept. 25, 1916. Allowed in US Dec. 8, 1916. Filed in Canada Dec. 27, 1916.

  • 2019.1.31
  • Train Stopping Device - Invention

    Original technical drawing of a Train Stopping Device, invented by Winthrop Bishop. Shows details of Figures 4, 7, 8 and 9. Drawn in 1916 by George Mosher, Attorney, and signed by witnesses and stamped on back by the US Patent Office.

  • 2019.1.27
  • Rail Joint - Invention

    Original technical drawing of a Rail Joint, invented by John S. Miller. Includes the side and top views with dimensions and details. Illustrates Figures 1 through 6. Drawn by George Mosher likely circa 1916, when he did similar drawings for other ...

  • 2019.1.14 to 2019.1.17
  • Truro Foundry & Machine Co.., Roof Truss

    Architectural drawing of Roof Truss construction for T. F. & M. Co. (Truro Foundry and Machine Co.)Includes dimensions and material list for lumber, bolts and angle irons.Drawn by George Mosher, November 1908.

  • 2019.1.26
  • Kent Lumber Co., Boiler Setting

    Original architectural drawing for a Boiler Setting for the Kent Lumber Co. including vertical cross sections and end elevation with measurements and building details. Kent Lumber Co. operated in Colchester County, NS.

  • 2019.1.8
  • Drawing Table, End View

    Original technical drawing of the end view of a Drawing Table, including details of construction and measurements. Drawn by George Mosher between 1885 and 1916.

  • 2019.1.6
  • McLeod Pulp Co. Ltd., Details of Chimney

    • Pièce
    • 1910

    Original architectural drawing of the Details of Chimney for the McLeod Pulp Co. Ltd., Liverpool, NS.Drawing # 1, July 1910.

  • 2019.1.11
  • George Mosher Collection

    • Collection
    • 1885 - 1916

    A collection of 33 original hand drawn inventions, technical and architectural plans for a variety of applications and clients.

  • 2019.1.1 to 2019.1.33
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