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Byers, Robert L.
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Plan of Wm. McCully Lot, 1857

Original hand drawn map showing main road by shipyard of lots inlcuding William McCully and others. Includes letter to William Campbell Esq. from Robert Byers, Tatamagouche area.

  • 1999.94.28
  • Plan Showing DesBarres Grant, 1864

    Original hand drawn sketch plan showing the road by New Annan, the road by the Willow Church and the new line of road from Tatamagouche to Robert Cock's. Surveyed by Robert L. Byers, March 19, 1864.

  • 1999.94.9
  • Plan of Lot Adjoining DesBarres Grant, 1852

    Original hand drawn map showing DesBarrres Grant and adjoining lots. Inlcudes grantee surnames: Brown, Harris, Patterson, Dowing, Langell, Patriquin, McCurdy. Also shows 4 Mile Brook, Truro Road, and new line of road to Truro.

  • 1999.94.26
  • Plan of lot sold, John Clark

    Original hand drawn map showing west side of Waugh's River, high water mark, properties of heirs of late William Campbell Esq.. Also shows Main Road through Tatamagouche and other town lots.

  • 1999.94.29
  • Plan of Town Lots on the Prpoperty of Wm Campbell

    Copy of a map by Robert Byers, Dy. Surveyor, 1850 (made by A. M. Macnab, P. D. Surveyor at unknown date)Shows Main Rd. through Tatamagouche and the French River Road. Includes lots of surnames Byers, Cutten, Morrison, MacBurnie, the School House, ...

  • 1999.94.40
  • Plan of Town Lots in Tatamagouche

    Copy of a map by Robert Byers , ca 1850 (copied by A. M. Macnab, P.L. Surveyor, Nov. 1951). Map shows town lots in Tatamagouche, Main Road, New Annan Road, Back and Main Streets, Public Wharf and some lots identified with owner names.

  • 1999.94.46
  • Plan of Lots, District of Stirling

    Original hand drawn map showing plan of lots in the District of Sterling, Colchester County, NS. Surnames include Patterson, Campbell, McIntosh, Langel, Whippie and Geddes. Surveyed by Robert L. Byers, April 9, 1857.

  • 1999.94.18
  • Plan of 20 Acres to Alexander Matheson, 1866

    Original hand drawn map showing 20 acres described in words and plan for Alexander Matheson, Merchant in Colchester County, NS. Other surnames include Williamson, Pride, Carrie. Also shows Road to New Annan and Road to Truro. Surveyed by Robert L...

  • 1999.94.19
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