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Book of Postcards, Canadian Views (Rockies)

  • Pièce

'a' is Bow Valley, Banff. 'b' is Mount Inglismaldie, Banff. 'c' is Banff Springs Hotel. 'd' is the "Great Divide". 'e' is Lake Louise. 'f' is Chateau, Lake Louise. 'g' is cottages at Lake Louise. 'h' is Emerald Lake. 'i' is Mount Stephen...

  • 2018.6 (a-m)
  • Picture

    • Pièce
    • 2018-06-01 - ?

    An old, two part sepia tone picture of village buildings.

  • 2018.80
  • Framed Photograph of Upper St. George Street

    • Pièce
    • Jan 23 2018

    Photo of Upper St. George St showing a side view of Runciman & Sons Dry Goods, Carpets and Clothing Store, in a tarnished gold rust coloured frame. Donated by Naomi Scromeda, daughter of Mick and Ursula Scromeda, who were the last residents of...

  • 018.11
  • Photograph of Painting

    • Pièce
    • June 1 2018

    Story written by Gladys Delap Jones about the "Maclaren", a ship built for their grandfather, Captain Stephen P. Delap.

  • 2018.79
  • "Golden Moments" Book

    • Pièce

    "Golden Moments" book, collected by Everett T. Brown.

  • 018.18
  • Photograph- William Booth in Annapolis Royal

    • Pièce
    • July 8 2018

    A black and white picture of a large group pf people standing below a welcome sign. Back left top corner says "After 1884" In 1900 William Booth visited Annapolis Royal.

  • 018.239
  • Photograph- Band

    • Pièce
    • July 8 2018

    A black and white picture of band members standing in a field holding their instruments. Little girl standing to the right of the picture.

  • 018.241
  • Book, "Popular Tracts"

    • Pièce
    • March 11 2018

    "Popular Tracts" by Robert Dale Owen. Blue/green cover. Published for James Watson by Frederick Farrah, 282, Strano W.C. 1866. An address on the influence of the clerical profession by Robert Dale Owen in the Hall of Science, New York 18...

  • 018.28
  • Photograph- Train Station

    • Pièce
    • July 9 2018

    A black and white paper photo of an empty train station in the winter. The back of the has "1942" written on it.

  • 018.252
  • Postcard - Pictures after fire in 1920

    • Pièce
    • July 9 2018

    4 postcard pictures of the aftermath of a fire in 1920.-more description on back, Pictures come from an envelope a) A photo of a tall, thin, brick building left over from the fire. A man is posing in front of it. The back has "H. Rushton....

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