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Truro (Colchester County, N.S.) Avec objets numériques
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Sherriff's Sale

A public notice of a Sheriff's Sale at Colchester Supreme Court, Truro, January 29, 1855. Alexander Campbell, Plaintiff vs. William Bell, Defendant - to be sold at public auction 100 acres of land. Signed by Sheriff Charles Blanchard and Adams G. ...

  • 1999.94.5
  • North Colchester Railway Plan, 1890

    • Pièce
    • 1890

    Map of North Colchester County, NS, showing proposed railway plan. Also includes existing Intercolonial Railway, Pictou Branch, Short Line through Tatamagouche, county towns, some waterways and roads. Surveyed by D. Murphy, Provincial Engineer, 1890.

  • 2001.11.2
  • Plan of New Marsh, Lower Village, 1901

    • Pièce
    • 1901

    An original hand drawn map of the New Marsh, Lower Village (aka: Lower Truro, Colchester County, NS), showing numbered lots of land with owner names and acreage. Shows New Dyke Road, Soley's Creek, Cobequid Bay, Savage's Island and existing marsh ...

  • 2005.41.1
  • Enlarged Plan of Truro, 1838

    • Pièce
    • [1838]

    Original hand drawn map shows early downtown Truro, "Sept. 9, 1838" appears in pencil as well as "44".Shows the first streets in Truro with placement of homes and homeowner names. Includes Salmon River, Bible Hill (center), You...

  • 2007.107.1
  • Lands Belonging to Estate of the Late Dr. Wm. McCulloch

    • Pièce
    • 1895

    Original hand drawn map of lands belonging to the Estate of the Late Dr. William McCulloch, D.D., of Bible Hill, 1895. Includes Old Pictou Road, fence boundaries, neighboring properties, lands of Experimental Farm, buildings, and the north bank of...

  • 2007.107.2
  • Plan of Location, Board Landing Bridge over Salmon River

    • Pièce

    Plan of location for Board Landing Bridge over the Salmon River, Colchester Co., NS. Shows the bank of the river and creek flowing into same on the south west side of the bridge. Distance about 3 miles from Truro, on the Parrsboro/Amherst highway....

  • 2012.17.8
  • 2012.6.19a

    This item is a black and white photographic print of Sergeant J. D. L. Fulton in military uniform, saluting beside a car.

  • 2012.6.19a
  • 2012.6.19d

    This item is a black and white photographic print of Don Fulton in [an Air Force uniform] on the steps of a house in Truro, NS, taken during World War II.

  • 2012.6.19d
  • 2012.6.19i

    This item is a black and white photographic print of Frank Fulton with a bicycle on a lawn. There is a car behind him.

  • 2012.6.19i
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