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Sydenham Howe fonds
Fonds · 1757-[1917?], predominant 1853-1889
Fonds consists of a scrapbook compiled by Sydenham Howe, mostly documenting his family and his literary and artistic interests. Includes correspondence, predominantly written to and from Hon. Joseph Howe; printed and handwritten poems by Joseph Howe, Maria Morris, Mary Jane Katzman Lawson, and others; prints of engravings and lithographs, many of which depict women's fashions of the mid-19th century; newspaper clippings, several pertaining to poetry and curling; sketches and watercolours by artist Maria Morris as well as Mary Currie and S.J. Howe; visiting cards; autographs dated 1757 onwards; printed material and ephemera, including invitations, the Victoria School of Art and Design exhibibition of loans catalogue, 1887, and 1889 issue of Halifax Carnival, and three Notman photographs of John Howe and John and Mary (Currie) Ross. Also contains correspondence and other items relating to the McNab family. 1994-272
Queen's Lodge No. 34 A.F. & A.M. fonds
Fonds · 1867-1994
Fonds are arranged in the following series: Series 1 - EphemeraSeries 2 - Visitors' & Members' RegistersSeries 3 - Account BooksSeries 4 - Minute BooksSeries 5 - Miscellaneous Fonds consist of ephemera relating to Queen's Lodge No. 34 and the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia, such as histories, constitutions, by-laws, and masonic pamphlets (ca. 1877-1994); registers listing members present at meetings and any visitors from other masonic lodges (1897-1957); account books detailing the expenses of Queen's Lodge as well as membership dues paid, and an inventory of books borrowed and returned from the Lodge library (1867-1957); thirteen meeting minute books detailing the meeting activities of the Queen's Lodge (1867-1979); miscellaneous papers relating to the activities of Queen's Lodge (ca. 1906-1928; 1955). 2014.004; 2020.035; 2020.036
Lester D. MacKeen fonds
Fonds · 1928-1969
Fonds consists of four series: 1) Blacksmith and Heating Business Records, 2) Personal Files, Statements, and Correspondence, 3) Municipal Files and Correspondence, 4) Blacksmith and Heating Business Receipt Books (1938-1969), and 5) Blacksmith and Heating Business Ledgers. Fonds consist of records documenting the day-to-day business operations of Lester D. MacKeen's blacksmithing and heating business; files, statements, and correspondence relating to the personal life and daily activities of Lester D. MacKeen; records and correspondence relating to municipal roles performed by Lester D. MacKeen as secretary of the Unemployment Relief Central Committee (also known as the Overseers of the Poor) for the Municipality of St. Mary's between 1933 and 1934 and as Deputy Sheriff for Guysborough County. 2014.008
Margaret Ellsworth collection
Collection · ca. 1860s - ca.1990s
Collection consists of letters, genealogy research, obituaries, newspaper clippings, poetry, a scrapbook, and numerous photographs created, compiled, or accumulated by Margaret Ellsworth relating to the Fraser family of Waternish, Guysborough County and their descendants living throughout Canada and the United States. Also included are materials relating to the MacIntosh family of Sherbrooke and the Giffin family of Isaac's Harbour, Guysborough County. Photographs range in date from the mid-19th century to the late 1980s, and include studio portraits, candid family and community snapshots, as well as landscape images of the St. Mary's River valley and Isaac's Harbour areas. 2016.001
Stewart Family fonds
Fonds · ca.1867 - 1934
Fonds is arranged in the following series: 1) Accounts Ledgers, 2) Voters and Voting, 3) Miscellaneous. Fonds consist of records relating to the business and farming activities of the Stewart family, predominantly Harry E. Stewart, owners and operators of Eleven Mile House located near the forks of the St. Mary's River in Melrose, Guysborough County. Eleven Mile House was an historic inn and coach stop from which the Stewart family also ran a store and offered postal services. The family also farmed. The house was called Eleven Mile House because it was located eleven miles from Sherbrooke on the Antigonish to Sherbrooke road. Fonds consist of the Stewart Family's business account ledgers that list the names of numerous Melrose and area residents and companies and goods and services purchased, payments made by either cash or in-kind labour, lodging and meals (ca. 1867-1934). Ledgers also describe work done by local community members for Harry E. Stewart at the house or on the farm or in the woods, as well as the family's seasonal farming activities. Fonds include voters lists and voting information for the provincial polling districts of Glenelg (no. 10) and Caledonia (no. 13) relating to Harry E. Stewart's role as reviser of voting lists, as well as Nova Scotia Franchise Act booklets and the Handbook for Liberal-Conservative Committeemen on Naturalization Assessment and Revision of the Voters' Lists (1907-1916). Fonds also include miscellaneous records relating to the Stewart family and Eleven Mile House including a telephone directory (1922), book of mails sent from Melrose post office (October 1872 to June 1876), and a school drawing belonging to Katie Stewart, daughter of Harry E. Stewart. 2016.002
Ian Cameron collection
Collection · ca. 1920s; 2002-2004
Collection consists of two discs of digital audio recordings of oral history interviews of Frank Jordan, conducted by Ian Cameron between December 2002 and 2004. Contents of the recordings include: Disc 1 (recorded December 2002): Trunk 7 early 1920s; apple picking in Annapolis Valley; Sherbrooke Garage and Livery Stable; Postmistress; Dr. Monahan; Dr. Stone; James Burns and the Silver Inn; 1937 Silver Inn fire; Frank working at the Power Station; 1960s Flood of St. Mary's River. Disc 2 (recorded 2003 and 2004): 1884 Steel Bridge at Sherbrooke; Belle Baker; gas stations in Sherbrooke; Wilson's Cove; Harpellville; Liscomb Mills; Hen MacLean story; Ned Cluny named Gallbush Hill; Ned Cluny and Bruce MacDonald's uncle; Johnny MacLean's Store; Park Jordan moves the Hollingsworth and Whitney store with a horse and pulleys. Also included in the collection are negatives and prints of 50 b&w photographs taken by Tom Chisholm (b. 1901) while he was employed by the Sonora Timber Co. Images illustrate landscape and activities in the communities of Sonora and Fisher's Mills in the St. Mary's region of Guysborough County throughout the 1920s. 2017.004; 2018.008
Lester V. Macdonald fonds
Fonds · ca. 1820s - 1980s, predominant 1950s -1970s
Fonds consists of ledgers pertaining to the operation of Macdonald Garage and Equipment, Sherbrooke (1927-1951), one accounts ledger for the 19th-century Sherbrooke merchant Alexander Macdonald that lists the names of numerous St. Mary's area residents along with their occupation, goods purchased, and payments made, either cash or in-kind (ca. 1850-1860). Reports, files, meeting minutes, and correspondence relating to the development of Sherbrooke Village Restoration and the work of the Sherbrooke Restoration Commission. Reports, files, meeting minutes, and correspondence relating to the work of the St. Mary's Development Association. Reports and correspondence relating to upgrading and training programs at St. Mary's Rural High School (1968-1970). Meeting minutes of first home and school association (1935-1937). Drafts of Sherbrooke Women's Institute's Tweedsmuir Village Book (ca.1947). Meeting minutes of the St. Mary's District Ratepayers Association (1966-1968). Miscellaneous newspaper clippings, genealogy research files, photocopied photographs and documents, as well as primary documents such as letters, deeds, and maps relating to the historic people, places, buildings, societies, religious institutions, industries, businesses, and events within the Municipality of the District of St. Mary's. Book of regulations and prizes for the Guysborough County exhibition (1889). Research notes and short histories of Sherbrooke and area written by Lester V. Macdonald, as well as other miscellaneous local history and genealogy files and correspondence pertaining to the St. Mary's River region. Some materials are copies of 19th and 20th century records. A small amount of personal material of Lester V. Macdonald, including collected ephemera, clippings, correspondence, and a wartime diary entry is included. Fonds consists of the following series:Series 1: LedgersSeries 2: Correspondence and FilesSeries 3: Reports and Compilations 2018.017
McDaniel family fonds
Fonds · 1868-1913
Fonds are arranged in the following series: Series 1, Business Ledgers; Series 2, Invoices and Statements; Series 3, Miscellaneous. Fonds consists of three record books (1868 – 1913) containing entries from various facets of John and James McDaniel’s business interests that includes names of customers, stage coach proprietors, mines and miners, freight, prices; invoices and statements of purchase for goods and services from local and non-local merchants purchased by the McDaniel family; invoices for services offered by the Sherbrooke Hotel; miscellaneous documents relating to the McDaniel family, including one letter from Mrs. Watson to May McDaniel which makes reference to the Halifax Explosion (Dec. 24, 1917); a notice of increase in subscription of The Evening Mail (1918); Notice of Road Tax for Mr. John Wilson, signed by Herbert McDaniel, Surveyor of Highways (1924). 2019.004
Mountain Glen I.O.G.T. Lodge fonds
Fonds · 1911-1920s
Fonds consist of two meeting minute books of the Mountain Glen Temperance Lodge, Glenelg (1911-1919), two song sheets from the International Order of Good Templars [I.O.G.T.], a blank application membership to the I.O.G.T. (known as "taking the pledge") (192?). 2020.001