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World War 1, Photographs
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Helen Kendall

Item is a photograph of Helen Kendall, who served as a nursing sister during World War 1.

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  • Matron-in-Chief, M.C. MacDonald, R.R.C.

    • Pièce
    • 1918

    Item is a photograph of Matron-in-Chief M.C. MacDonald, head of the Canadian Overseas Nurses during the First World War. This photograph was taken in England.

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  • Frances Dodd

    • Pièce

    Item is a photograph of Frances Dodd (Ridgway), a member of Queen Alexandra's Nursing Reserve from 1914-1918.

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  • Cape Breton Members of the Canadian Army

    • Pièce

    Item is a photograph of two unidentified members of the Canadian Army from Cape Breton taken during the First World War. One member sits while the other stands. Both are in full uniform.

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  • C.B. Highlanders

    • Pièce

    Item is a photograph of two members of the Cape Breton Highlanders taken during the First World War. The two members, identified as D.J. MacDonald and Harold Wadden of the 85th Battalion, are both standing in uniform in front of a wall.

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  • Military Funeral

    • Pièce

    Item is a photograph showing the first military funeral from Sacred Heart Church during World War 1. Soldiers and marching band on Charlotte Street and in front of a church are pictured. Photograph appears to have been taken from a second storey b...

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  • Lt. Philip Worgan

    • Pièce

    Item is a photograph of a display which featured a portrait of Lt. Philip Worgan, a naval officer.

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  • WW1 Officers in Moxham's Castle

    • Pièce

    Item is a photograph of four medical personnel officers inside Moxham's Castle, where they were stationed during World War 1 when the castle functioned as a military hospital.

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  • 185th Battalion, Broughton

    • Pièce

    Item is a postcard of the 185th Battalion marching in Broughton, Cape Breton during World War 1. The soldiers in full uniform are marching past the rear of the Broughton Arms Hotel, which is visible in the background.

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  • "Albert J. Lutz" Schooner

    • Pièce

    Item is a photograph of the "Albert J. Lutz", a schooner outfitted as a Canadian Q ship during World War 1. A 4" gun was mounted on its deck behind the dories. It was stationed in Sydney harbour from 1917-1918.

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