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SMGRC High School Yearbook collection
Collection · 2011-
The collection is comprised of yearbooks from St. Mary’s Rural High (1953-1989); St. Mary’s Academy (1999-2013); and St. Mary’s Education Centre/Academy (2013-2018). St. Mary’s Rural High School was opened in September of 1953, to educate students from Grades 7 to 12 from all areas of the Municipality of the District of St. Mary’s in Guysborough County, Nova Scotia. Prior to its opening, students from over thirty communities attended several rural Primary to Grade 12 schools. The official opening was held on November 14, 1953, by the Honorable Henry D. Hicks, Minister of Education. An addition was built in 1969, and included a new library, business education section, music room, home economics department, and three new classrooms; in 1970, a new drafting room was added to the Industrial Arts Complex and in 1972, a new language lab was built. A new high school was built in 1989, and the first high school became St. Mary’s Elementary School (Primary to Grade 6). Grades 7 to 12 moved into the new building next door. At that time, the six former elementary schools across the municipality closed, and all students were bussed to Sherbrooke. In 1999, the name of the high school was changed to St. Mary’s Academy and the elementary school was renamed St. Mary’s Education Centre The Grade 7 students remained in the Education Centre, with Grades 8 to 12 in the Academy. In 2012, the two schools were amalgamated as St. Mary’s Education Centre/Academy. Following the construction of a new wing on the newer school, in 2013 all students were moved into one Primary to Grade 12 facility. The original building was later demolished. The collection includes:all yearbooks from 1953-54 to 1998-99 inclusive2000-012001-022002-032006-072007-082008-092011-122013-142017-18 2014.001, 2019.009, 2020.010
Fonds · 1936-1993
Fonds consists of executive and annual meeting minutes; scrapbooks of photographs and newspaper clippings; correspondence; reports; bylaws; financial records; chapter histories; founding charters; membership lists; and loose newspaper clippings created by the IODE Provincial Chapter of Nova Scotia and its member chapters. Chapters represented in the records, their location (with record dates) include: Albion Chapter, Stellarton (1952-1995); Armdale Chapter (1936-1980); Bedford Chapter (1923-1967); Chebucto Chapter (1910-1957); Colchester Chapter (1940; 1960-1981, Microfilmed in 1981); Dartmouth Municipal Chapter (1925-1984, predominant 1925-1926); Earl of Athlone Chapter, Armdale (1964-1970); Evangeline Chapter, Halifax (1966); Fort Needham Chapter, Halifax (1976); George S. Stairs Chapter, Dartmouth (1920); Gorham Chapter, Liverpool (ca.1948); Haliburton Chapter, Windsor (1957-1964); HMS Alderney Chapter, Dartmouth (1939-1982); HMS Good Hope Chapter, Halifax (1961-1986); HMS Shannon Chapter, Dartmouth (1915-1978); Hon. Angus L. Macdonald Chapter, Port Hawkesbury (1961-1967); Hon. Edward Cornwallis Chapter, Halifax (1951-1993); Hon. W.S. Fielding Chapter, Lower Sackville (1936-1984); John Croak VC Chapter, Glace Bay (1930-1966); John Stewart Chapter, Halifax (1917-1983); Kingswood Chapter, Kingston and Greenwood (1954-1976); Laura MacNeill Grant Chapter, Dartmouth (1925-1927); Louisbourg Chapter, Sydney (1950-1980); Maid Marian Chapter, Dartmouth (1942-1993); Major J.W. Logan Chapter, Halifax (1944-1995); Margaret Fraser Chapter, New Glasgow (1953-1954); Markland Chapter, Yarmouth (1917-1983); Mayflower Chapter, Oxford (1957-1986); Municipal Chapter of Halifax (1915-1987); Princess Louise Chapter, Halifax (1911-1977); Rose of York Junior Chapter, Dartmouth (1968-1979); Scotia Chapter, Truro (1965, 1978 Microfilmed in 1983); Senator William McKay Chapter, Reserve Mines (1950-1951); Sherwood Chapter, Rockingham (1955-1980); Sir Frederick Banting Chapter, New Glasgow (1941-1977. -- Microfilmed in 1980).
Fonds · 1949-1987
Fonds consists of minutes of the Council's annual general meetings (1949-1985); annual reports (1974-1985); minutes of executive meetings (1949-1986); correspondence (1968-1987); and financial records (1955-1987).
Violet Black fonds
Fonds · 1785-1991
Fonds consists of material documenting Violet Black's family, and her personal interests and activities from 1919 to 1991. Includes scrapbooks containing correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, and memorabilia relating to Violet Black and the Black, Marshall, and Eldridge families, the British royal family, the First and Second World Wars, and various local, national, and international events; diaries; posters pertaining to the First and Second World Wars and the Red Cross; a watercolour of William Marshall Black; and a map of Halifax in 1934. The fonds also includes postcards of Nova Scotia and abroad, and photographs depicting seaside scenes, yachts, ships, landscapes, and family excursions, in the Halifax area and King's County. MG 1 volumes 2352-2355, 3309-3334, MG 9 volumes 343-410, 488-491; Graphic 1976-131, 1991-280
Inglis-Quinlan family fonds
Fonds · 1863-1988
Fonds consists of correspondence, financial records, legal documents, academic records, photographs, collection records, and diaries pertaining to the lives of members of the Inglis-Quinlan family. The fonds comprises six main series: Photographs, Inglis-Quinlan Store Records, Charles and Cassandra Inglis Records, Grace Quinlan Records, Percy Inglis Records, and Clara Quinlan Records. The accrual processed in 2020 consists of photographs accumulated by Clara Quinlan and the following textual documents: two volumes of Cara Quinlan’s diaries as well as her correspondence with Tom Forrestall, Will R. Bird, and others; notes on a controversial Inglis family adoption and other genealogical information; miscellaneous records relating to the Percy Inglis China Collection, including two guest books, draft articles, miscellaneous correspondence, and other documents; and notes and memoranda concerning Mahone Bay. The selection of items re-appraised in 2023-2024 cover local topics such as business records for the Inglis store, the Ernst Hill Gold Mine, Eisenhaur Carriage Factory, marketing ephemera, visitor books, and shipping orders for the Inglis store. The fonds also includes topics such as Calling Cards, Park Cemetery, Church Confirmation, property deeds, Clara Quinlan’s diaries, School Related Documents, local signatures, other organizations, and Clara’s World War II ration book. MBMS-1
Almon family
Fonds · 1775-1989
Fonds documents six generations of the Almon and related families of Byles, Johnston, Dickey, Dodd, Ritchie, and Stewart, all prominent members of Halifax and Boston Society in 18th and 19th centuries. Fonds includes incoming and some outgoing correspondence (1793-1989) supplemented by typed transcripts of correspondence (1728-1838); photograph albums and loose photographs (ca.1860s-ca.1941); personal and business financial accounts (1775-1781, 1800-1861, 1935-1952); property deeds, mortgage bonds and agreements (1809-1899); published and unpublished family histories (ca.1839, 1896, 1935) ; various family members’ journals (1806-1808, 1821, 1838, 1899-1900, 1911, 1929-1935), and creative writings (1799-1835); and a few publications about or by an Almon family member. Fonds also includes a “scrapbook of antiquities” (early 1700s to ca.1954) compiled by Senator W.J. Almon and continued by his granddaughter Susanna Almon as well as a book of medical case histories (1898-1914) and a register of infectious diseases in Halifax (1890-1917) compiled by Susanna’s brother Dr. Bruce Almon. Also includes correspondence (1838-1874) to Philip Dodd, government seizing officer for the fishery and relative of Elsie (Dodd) Almon, as well as mementos from various family members. Fonds also includes 18th and early 19th century correspondence to and from sisters Mary Byles (b.1750) and Catherine Byles (b.1753), aunts to Rebecca (Byles) Almon, who remained in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.
Earl Bailly
Fonds · circa 1890-1976
Fonds consists of business correspondence from supporters, art dealers and clients (1924-1970); news clippings on Earl Bailly’s career as an artist (1927-1973); manuscript and published versions of his autobiography “Earl Bailly: His Trials and Triumphs” and other essays (ca.1950-1957); and many photographs of Earl throughout his life, including portraits by Bob Brooks, Robert Norwood, and the National Film Board, among others (ca.1920s-1976). Fonds also includes photographs of his painting exhibits and of clients with their painting, Earl and his brother Donald “Don” Bailly travelling around Nova Scotia (1930s) and in the United States (1939-ca.1950s), studio portraits and snap shots of family members (ca.1890s-ca.1970s) and the sailing ship schooner BLUENOSE and its crew (ca1930s). Fonds also includes exhibition programs and catalogs (1934-1971), audio recordings of radio interviews Earl did with John Fisher and with James MacLeod (1951-1952) and a box of note cards featuring his art. The fonds documents the artistic career of a Nova Scotia folk artist and the life of a disabled person in the first three-quarters of the 20th century.
J.P. Messervey
Fonds · 1939-1975
Fonds consists of colour slides of Nova Scotia places (both urban and rural), street parades, mines and oil drilling rigs (1944-ca.1975); a few photographic negatives of Saint John, New Brunswick and the Joe Howe parade in Halifax (1975), and staff of the Department of Mines (1947); a set of 16 film strips (photographic negative) of “Mining Methods” by Messervey, likely used by him in teaching mining (no date); and 3 film reels. Two of the film reels were produced by Messervey for the Department, the first “Mine Rope Tester” (2 minutes) shows a man operating a machine (ca.1950s), and the second one “Spring Tonic” (11 minutes) shows a fishing trip at Tangier Grand Lake (ca. late 1940s) created as a promotion to tourists. It includes captions for the silent scenes and gives the names of the hunters and cameramen at the end. The third reel is of the Royal Visit of George VI and Elizabeth “the Queen Mom” of United Kingdom (5 minutes) showing decorated Halifax streets, the royal party’s arrival at Halifax Citadel grounds with crowds around and ends with the royal steam ship leaving Halifax Harbour (1939).
Watson Smith family
Fonds · 1892 - 2001
Fonds consists of correspondence (1928-2001), diaries (1892-1893, 1900-1980 with gaps), notebooks (1940-1944) and photographs (ca1894-2001) documenting rural life in early 20th century Shubenacadie, as well as the experiences of Harry Smith while stationed at a Royal Canadian Air Force base in England during the Second World War. Most correspondence files relate to Harry Smith, and include letters he wrote to his mom, dad and sister while serving overseas, letters Harry received from friends during and after the War, and letters Harry wrote to his brother Cullen’s son Donne in the 1990s. Some correspondence files are of Cullen and Gwen Smith to their son Donne (1963-1977). The diaries were kept daily by Watson Smith (1900, 1942-1945, 1949-1951) giving short entries on the weather, jobs being done by different members of family, and whether business was slow or brisk that day; sporadic entries by Cullen (1927, 1958, 1975-1976, 1980) on the weather and visits from family and friends; and daily entries by Jeanetta for all of 1949, and first six months of 1966 on her daily housework, cooking, church attendance and family members’ activities and illnesses. There is also one diary with cryptic one or two-line entries from Thomas B. Lynch, an ancestor of Cullen’s wife Gwen (1892-1893). The notebooks were written by Harry during WWII and contain technical information on airplanes, names of maintenance crews and pilots, and statistics for their Squadron, as well as jokes, short stories, and comments from bicycling around England on his days off. Most photographs were taken by Harry and depict pilots, officers and soldiers on and off duty, airplanes, Harry’s accommodations and bicycle while in the United Kingdom. Other photographs include family and places in Shubenacadie such as the family store, churches, and the war monument, Harry’s machine-building projects, and the former Halifax Airport on Chebucto Road.
Fonds · 1937-1979
Fonds consists of various minutes, newsletters, newspaper clippings, constitutions, reports. correspondence, financial statements, and memorandums.