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Photograph - George Street

  • Pièce

A black and white picture of George Street Annapolis Royal NS. The picture is taken looking down the middle of the street, trees and line the sides in the distance, down the street there is a man on a horse. The bottom of the picture says "...

  • 018.222
  • Photo of Peace Service at Fort Anne

    • Pièce

    Photo of crowds gathered at Fort Anne beside the "Black Hale". Town Hall is visible in the background

  • 018.223
  • Photograph - School Photo

    • Pièce

    A black and white picture of a group of children and a few adults. 29 people in total. Back of picture has "H. Rushton" written on it. Picture is in a black frame.

  • 018.224
  • Postcard - Pictures after fire in 1920

    • Pièce
    • July 9 2018

    4 postcard pictures of the aftermath of a fire in 1920.-more description on back, Pictures come from an envelope a) A photo of a tall, thin, brick building left over from the fire. A man is posing in front of it. The back has "H. Rushton....

  • 018.256 (a-d)
  • Photograph - House Fire

    • Pièce
    • July 9 2018

    A black and white photo of the aftermath of a house fire in the winter. The buildings near the one that burnt are fine. 3 people standing in front of the house that burnt. Back of picture says "February 17th 1964"

  • 018.257
  • Photograph, Picture panels

    • Pièce

    11 pictures of the land of Evangeline inside an envelope. 'a' is the envelope which has "Valentines Picture Panels of Evangeline", "12 real photos", "Printed in Gt. Britain", "Valentine Black Company Limited, Tor...

  • 018.269 (a-l)
  • Photograph, Event at Fort Anne

    • Pièce

    A black and white photo of an event taking place at Fort Anne, Annapolis Royal, N.S. A very large group of people are sitting down and there is a band in front of them.

  • 018.270
  • A Recipe Sample Book

    • Pièce

    A cook book filled with many different recipes. 47 pages. A black clip holds the pages together.

  • 018.271
  • Set of Envelopes

    • Pièce

    Set of 151 envelopes. All envelopes are identical except for the stamps, of which there are 3 kinds. Enveloped were made to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the arrival of Sir William Alexander at Port Royal. One of the stamps is Canada Charts...

  • 018.272
  • Photos, Historic House Tour/tent installation

    • Pièce

    18 photos. 'a'-'j' are of the Historic House Tour of North Hills in 1995. 'k' is of the Historic House Tour taken in Granville Ferry. 'l'-'q' are of a tent installation in 1996 at North Hills.

  • 018.273
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