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Pièce · Jan 23 2018
Photo of Upper St. George St showing a side view of Runciman & Sons Dry Goods, Carpets and Clothing Store, in a tarnished gold rust coloured frame. Donated by Naomi Scromeda, daughter of Mick and Ursula Scromeda, who were the last residents of the Runciman House. 018.11
Photo (calling card)
Pièce · Jan 23 2018
2 photos of women. One ('a') is Mrs. Jonathan Rand (Clara Parker Rand 1830-1867 written on the back). Second ('b') photo is of a young woman (Annie Elizabeth Parker, 4 Jul 1864-14 Feb 1923, M Whitman Riggles 1 Jan 1985). Last ('c') photo is of a man (Abner Parker) 018.13
Small photograph of a man sitting on a chair and to his left is a lady. Picture is of James Wilson Ramsey and Elizabeth Spurr. Faint writing on the back says "Grandmother Grandfather Ramsay" 018.16
Letters to Hortense V.B Spurr (Gilliatt)
Pièce · July 4 2018
36 love letters from Fredrick Gilliatt, signed as "Teddy". They open with "Dear Hortense or dearest Betty". In one of them it is addressed that they became engaged. (sent from war office). The letters are very detailed. Going into daily activities, what times were doing. Where he was etc. They are mostly on plain folded paper written on all sides. They have Annapolis Royal stamps. They were addressed to Annapolis, Melvin Square and others to Wolfville Kings co. She went away to school, and to likely why some are addressed to Wolfville NS. He speaks to her in third person. 018.165 a-kk
Personal Letter to court- June 3 1947
Pièce · July 9 2018
Addressed to G.S. Gilliatt R.C.A.F. Dartmouth NS. Has a 4d stamp.From a Nancy and talks about the day to day. She also tells him some times she wants to tell him how she feels about but is unsure how. Appears they are a sort of love letters between them. There were three pages of writing. 018.171 a-d
Photos - AWEC Winter Carnival
This photo from the winter carnival at AWEC by the Spectator. (a) features people around a table with baked goods. (b) features four people on a stage. Photos are in black and white. Some writing on the backs. 018.176 (a-b)
2 film strip negatives of the VIA Rail in A.R. One negative has 4 pictures and the other has 4 but the physical sizes are roughly the same. The printed slip has 5 of the 7 photos in the negatives. 018.178 (a-c)
A large coloured, souvenir magazine for Queen Elizabeth's coronation. "Souvenir Issue, Week ending June 13 1953 Gd, The coronation in wonderful pictures with commentaries by Sir Compton Mackenzie, H.V.Morton and Lord Kilbracken". Illustrated 018.180
Stereoscopic Image Fond
Fonds · 1887-1902
Set of 206 stereoscopic images. Photos are of various landmarks/events/people/etc. Published by Underwood & Underwood, New York, London, Toronto, Ottawa. Manufactured by Works and Studios, Arlington N.J., Littleton R.H., Washington D.C. Each one has a description of the photo. Photos are on hard card board. 018.199
Framed Photograph
Pièce · July 6 2018
Photo of a group standing in front of a building. All in military uniforms. All around the photo are signatures from those in the group. Air force. Wooded frame. 018.200