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Archival description
Fonds · 1945 -
The records in the fonds were created, received or used by the School of Journalism staff and administrators in the course of their work. The School transferred most of the records arranged and described in this project to the Archives in 2010, at the time Kelly Toughill became Director in 2010.The primary activity of the School of Journalism is to provide education to aspiring and seasoned journalists. By training students in the art, craft and profession of informing the public about matters of public interest, the program equips its students with the abilities to work as reporters and editors in the Canadian news media (from paper to broadcast to online), and provides excellent training for careers where being able to write and speak well, interview people, research topics and puzzle things out are assets. UKC.JOUR
Fonds · 1900 - 1953
Collection consists of correspondence written by 56 Canadian authors, poets and journalists who were acquainted with Andrew Merkel, as well as publications and programmes from the literary societies in which Merkel was a central figure. There are a roughly equal number of typewritten and manuscript letters. Letters from Merkel are predominantly typewritten, as his handwriting is poor, but other correspondents preferred manuscript or type. The materials range in date from the early 1900s, when Merkel was a student at King's College, Windsor, N.S., to 1953. The final letters are sympathy notes to him on the death of his wife. Subjects of the collection include visits by poets, meetings of the Song Fishermen, and the publication of their work. Correspondence between Merkel and other Canadian Press men are also present, along with drafts of articles and discussion of reporting and managerial styles. The letters were written in locations across the western world, from Paris and London to New York, Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax. Some of the article drafts were written as Merkel flew over the Atlantic during the Second World War. MER
Fonds · 1890-
Fonds consist of materials created and collected by the University of King's College King’s Students’ Union and its committees while carrying out their mandated functions. Documents reflect all aspects of the Union’s sphere of responsibility and include meeting minutes and agendas; governance documents; financial, operational, and administrative records; both internal and external relations; and information on student societies related to the KSU and its maintenance.
Fonds · 1845 -
Fonds contain records related to the founding, history, and upkeep of the Alumni Association of the University of King’s College. Documents reflect all aspects of the Association’s jurisdiction and include meeting minutes and agendas; governance documents; financial, operational, insurance information, administrative structure, as well as other aspects of the Association.
Fonds · 1803 -
The records in the fonds were created, received or used by the Registrar's Office staff in the course of their work. The Registrar stored inactive records in the basement of the main building until the Library opened in 1991, when the records were transferred to the newly-opened Archives.The primary activities of the Registrar's Office are to oversee admission of new students to the University, provide counseling to students on their academic programme requirements, and manage, administer and control of the academic records of students who have attended the University. The Registrar also recruits new students and works to retain those enrolled. The Registrar maintains statistics about the student population.The Registrar presides at the annual matriculation ceremony, when new students inscribe their names in the Matricula. The records cover student recruitment, admissions, registration, academic advising and Encaenia, taking care of students' day-to-day requests and assisting them throughout their undergraduate degree.During its early years, King's had close ties to the Anglican Church; the Bishop of Nova Scotia has always been Visitor. For about 40 years, matriculants were obliged to subscribe to the Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of England and to attend chapel daily. Religious tests for students in fields other than Divinity were abolished in the 1820s. As late as 1992, applications included an optional question about the student's religion. UKC.REG
Fonds · 1803 -
The University of King's College financial records collection were transferred to the Archives at the time the Archives was established in the new Library building, which opened in 1991. With few exceptions, the records were unorganized. They were arranged in series during processing for this project. The collection consists of records made and received by the University of King's College in the conduct of financial transactions throughout the entire administrative structure. There are gaps in the coverage of the collection. UKC.FIN
Fonds · 1797-2011
Fonds contains records related to the founding and ongoing operations of the University Library, including correspondence; memoranda; meeting minutes, agendas; policies, regulations; financial records, reports; and proposals for a new Library building. Consists of 13 series: library policies, librarians' report, financial records, administrative records, publications, circulation records, committee records, correspondence, special collections reports, displays, reference statistics, library premises, and publications. UKC.LIB
Fonds · 1794 -
The collection consists of architectural records of five major architects or architectural firms who were commissioned by the University of King's College to design buildings for the University when it was located in Windsor, Nova Scotia, and after its move to its present location in Halifax. The collection includes cartographic drawings - mostly small published informational maps of the campus showing building locations - and some textual records relating to construction of the buildings, such as contracts, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and published articles relating to the University architects and buildings. There are gaps in the collection, as there have never been regular deposits of architectural records in the Archives. UKC.ARCH
Fonds · 1787-2009
Fonds consists of materials created and collected by the University of King's College Board of Governors and its committees while carrying out their mandated functions. Documents reflect all aspects of the Board's sphere of responsibility and include correspondence; meeting minutes and agendas; reports created or reviewed by the Board; annual reports; financial documents, including ledgers, budgets, statements, and other materials; officer lists; and other materials related to the overall management of the University and its assets.