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Fonds · 1865-1956
Fonds consists of a book of minutes and accounts of Nictaux School Section Number 36 (formerly 27). The front section of the book has the minutes and accounts for Nictaux School Section Number 36 (1865-1956), and the back of the book has the minutes from the First Educational Meeting at Nictaux on 25 October 1864, along with a list of resolutions and appointed trustees. MG 100, volume 46 #2
Fonds · 1942-1973
Fonds consists of a minute book for the annual business meetings of the Nictaux Falls School Section Number 34 (1942-1973). At the back of the minute book are the accounts for this school section (1943-1970). MG 100, Volume 46 #1
Land records, wills, & petitions
Série organique · [ca. 1750-1970], [ca. 1940-1968 (copied)]
Fait partie de Annabel (Siteman) Ells fonds
Series forms part of the Annabel (Siteman) Ells fonds and consists of records related to the acquisition, sale, and transfer of land including deeds, grants, indentures, and petitions. Also included are notes regarding Crown Land and wills, correspondence, abstracts, a list of children brought from England and distributed on the Eastern Shore, maps, school trustee and assembly papers. Accession number: 2013.066
Série organique · 1932-1957
Fait partie de Pleasant Point School trustees fonds
Series forms part of the Pleasant Point School trustees fonds and consists of correspondence sent to school trustees and includes a letter regarding financial and census returns, a letter to Mrs. H. M. Williams from the Deputy Registrar General dated 1957, a letter to the trustees from the Assistant Superintendent of Education from 1932, and a letter to the Secretary of the Board of Trustees from the Provincial Supervisor of Attendance dated 1932. Accession number 2013.022
Meeting minutes
Série organique · 1894-1928
Fait partie de Pleasant Point School trustees fonds
Series forms part of the Pleasant Point School trustees fonds and consists of handwritten minutes of the annual school meetings of school section 79 between 1894 and 1928. Accession number 2013.022
Pleasant Point School trustees fonds
Fonds · 1894-1957
Fonds consists of papers from the Pleasant Point School trustees. They consist of financial records including tax records, memorandums, and receipts as well as meeting minutes, teachers’ agreements, correspondence, and other school related materials. Accession number 2013.022
Fonds · [ca.1855-1955]
Fonds consists of records from Lower East Chezzetcook School, specifically secretary and account books documenting the assessments and expenditures of the school including teachers’ salaries and the initial construction of the schoolhouse. Accession number 2012.025
Série organique · 1932-1962
Fait partie de Grace (Williams) Forsythe fonds
Series forms part of the Grace (Williams) Forsythe fonds and consists of the minute book of the West Jeddore School trustees from 1944 to 1959, scripts of pageants that may have been performed in schools, and a periodical entitled The Canadian Red Cross Junior, Vol. XXIII, No. 10 dated 1944, which reflects Grace Forsythe’s involvement with the Red Cross Society and her efforts to establish Junior Red Cross Societies in her schools. Series also contains three books created by Grace’s students including a scrapbook of clippings of famous people created by a grade seven class in 1953, a book of stories and drawings entitled Our Story Book created by students in 1961, and a book of stories of rescue created by grade six students in 1962. Also included is a book of lesson plans written by Grace in summer school in Truro in 1942 and an article containing the autobiographical account of Dr. G. G. Sedgewick entitled, A Secret Chapter in the History of Education, which recounts the trials of a new teacher in Oyster Pond in 1900. In addition, series contains a typed copy of Grace Forsythe’s memoirs of her teaching career together with a scrapbook of photographs of students from 1932-1957, illustrating her story, and two certificates recording her completion of grades nine and ten which also list subjects studied and grades received. Accession number: 2010.032