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Fonds · 1864-1985
Fonds consists of school board annual records and circular (reports); banquet and graduation programs; 1929 Academy Review; 1931 editions of The Voice, the newsletter of the Yarmouth County Academy; entrance examinations; YCMHS yearbooks 1951-1985 (incomplete); and 1958-1969 class lists.
Fonds · 1961
Fonds consists of the 1961 school census for the County of Inverness, arranged by section and district. The census was used to record the name of student, date of birth, parents' names, and address. Also included are receipts from the Department of Education for census returns.
Fonds · 1942-1973
Fonds consists of a minute book for the annual business meetings of the Nictaux Falls School Section Number 34 (1942-1973). At the back of the minute book are the accounts for this school section (1943-1970). MG 100, Volume 46 #1
Lena Ferguson fonds
Fonds · 1974-2001
Fonds consists of approximately 137 hours of oral history interviews conducted by Lena Ferguson. Most interviewees were residents of the Eastern Shore region of Halifax County, particularly the Chezzetcook area. Interview topics include genealogy, local industries, occupations, music, shipping, community life, traditions, and folklore. In addition to interviews, the creator recorded school reunions, concerts, weddings, and church anniversaries. Several paper transcripts are included as well as scrapbooks featuring articles written by Lena and other newspaper articles regarding the Chezzetcook area. 2019.014
Land records, wills, & petitions
Série organique · [ca. 1750-1970], [ca. 1940-1968 (copied)]
Fait partie de Annabel (Siteman) Ells fonds
Series forms part of the Annabel (Siteman) Ells fonds and consists of records related to the acquisition, sale, and transfer of land including deeds, grants, indentures, and petitions. Also included are notes regarding Crown Land and wills, correspondence, abstracts, a list of children brought from England and distributed on the Eastern Shore, maps, school trustee and assembly papers. Accession number: 2013.066
Pleasant Point School trustees fonds
Fonds · 1894-1957
Fonds consists of papers from the Pleasant Point School trustees. They consist of financial records including tax records, memorandums, and receipts as well as meeting minutes, teachers’ agreements, correspondence, and other school related materials. Accession number 2013.022
Dayton School fonds
Fonds · 1938-1957
Fonds consists of one minute book which functioned also as a cash book, account book and listed ratepayers and taxes collected.
Arcadia School Trustee fonds
Fonds · 1874-1946
Fonds consists of ratepayers minute book which includes minutes of meetings held several times a year to elect school trustees, accept contracts, and oversee tax assessments. The book also includes accounts of expenses, and annual ratepayers' assessment rolls.
Fonds · 1968-1983
Fonds consists of the financial records of the trustees of Harbourside School of Owl's Head, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, including pages from a ledger book listing income and expenses of the trustees from January 1968 to June 1973. The ledger pages also list transactions of the trustees bank accounts from June 1977 to February 1983. Some transactions are also listed on sheets of loose leaf paper. Also included are two invoices addressed to the Harbourside School, one from Brookfield Foods and the other from the University of New Brunswick. In addition, there are two bank deposit slips and a calculator printout. Accession number 2009.042.