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Hosking's Garage fonds
Fonds · 1938-1939, 1946-1951
Fonds consists of receipts and receipt books from the garage, a ledger book, certificate, and application form. Accession numbers 2003.011, 2009.039, and 2010.003.
Monthly time book
Pièce · 1942-1943
Item consists of a monthly time book that records the names of men and hours worked on a project from September to December 1942. It includes the names of at least sixty men who were working shifts of usually ten hours each day from Monday to Saturday. The name of the foreman given is Garth M. L. Hosking and the name B.H. Mitchell on the cover indicates that he was likely the contractor. The book also records the use of B.H. Mitchell's horse and truck, Reg Day's horse, and another company's truck. Although the nature of the project is not described, the men were probably working on constructing large floating barges to be used as part of the war effort during World War II. The barges were constructed locally at Hartlin Settlement and then carried by tugboat to Halifax Harbour. The main timbers used were imported, but the decking came from local mills, including Byron Mitchell's. Also recorded in the book are shifts worked by Garth Hosking during May and June 1943. Accession number 2010.003.
George L. Monk fonds
Fonds · 1894-1905
Fonds consists of records related to the business operations of George L. Monk, including both wholesale and retail activities. Records include receipts and invoices from business transactions with primarily Halifax-based wholesalers as well as correspondence and three account books. Accession number 2012.024
Spry Bay store ledger and scrapbook
Pièce · ca.1890-1896
The item was originally a ledger from a store in Spry Bay c. 1896, in which accounts and retail transactions were recorded. The store may have been owned by the Leslie family. Later, around the time of the First World War, Bessie (Gerrard) Hilchey began using the ledger as a scrapbook and pasting newspaper clippings onto the pages, thereby covering most of the original ledger information. The scrapbook dates between about 1905 to 1953 and includes poems, newspaper articles, obituaries, marriage and engagement notices, graduation notices, clippings related to World War I and some small clippings about World War II, articles about horticulture, etiquette, single women and wives, bachelors and husbands, society columns, and articles about notable disasters or accidents including shipwrecks and fires. There are also handwritten notes mainly referring to the weather on the inside of the first page. These notes also record dates that buildings were constructed as well as the Halifax Explosion. Pages 195 to 285 have not been scrapbooked and remain purely accounts of retail transactions made at the store in Spry Bay, including the names of customers. Accession number: 2013.011
John M. Homans, General Merchant fonds
Fonds · 1904-1909, 1960
Fonds consists of records from the Homans' store, including a day book ledger from 1904-1909 which records daily sales at the store and whether or not the sales were paid for. Fonds also includes two receipt books showing store sales from 1960. Accession number 2009.039, 2009.040
Fonds · [ca.1980-2011]
Fonds consists of records of the Lake Charlotte Area Heritage Society, including records related to Memory Lane Heritage Villages planning and establishment; board and committee records, marketing, membership and community fundraising, institutional funding, research and interpretation, Memory Lane Heritage Village operation, Eastern Shore Archives, events, bound plans and proposals, oral histories, and audiovisual material. Accession number: 2010.014, 2012.017