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WW1 Officers in Moxham's Castle

  • Pièce

Item is a photograph of four medical personnel officers inside Moxham's Castle, where they were stationed during World War 1 when the castle functioned as a military hospital.

  • 81-854-5934
  • Moxham's Castle - Once a Proud Structure

    • Pièce

    Item is a report titled "Moxham's Castle - Once a Proud Structure," written by Wanda Walker. It provides a history of the castle, including a brief coverage on the period of time during World War 1 when it was used as a military hospita...

    Military (General) 1915

    • Pièce

    Item is a scrapbook that features newspaper clippings related to various military activities between the years 1914 and 1986. Included in the scrapbook are the following clippings: "Magnificent Moxham's Castle in Sydney used as a convalescent...

  • SB 125B
  • Moxham Castle: The Beaton Institute Holdings

    • Pièce

    Item is a series of notes concerning the Beaton Institute's Holdings related to Moxham Castle. These notes include information about the castle's use as a military hospital during World War 1.

    Case Book 2

    Item is a case book from Dr. Patton's medical practice. The book contains information about patients who had been disabled during World War 1 and were seeking pensions.

  • MG 15.213.2
  • General Hospital, Glace Bay

    • Pièce

    Item is a hand-colored postcard featuring the General Hospital in Glace Bay.

  • 76-19
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