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Fonds · 1894-1923
Fonds consists of one Praecipe Book kept by the High Sheriff, who at this time was J.H. Edwards. The register recorded the case number, plaintiff and defendant's name, judgement, notes of monies received/paid and warrants/writs issued.
John W. Harris fonds
Fonds · 1841-1848
Fonds consists of letters relating to the business of the High Sheriff.
Joseph Simpson Harris fonds
Fonds · 1886-1912
Fonds consists of oaths, bonds, letters, and a public auction announcement all relating to the work of the High Sherriff.
William Henry Harris fonds
Fonds · 1839-1874
Fonds consists of personal and business letters and accounts.
Sherriff's Sale
Pièce · 1855
Fait partie de Frank Patterson Collection
A public notice of a Sheriff's Sale at Colchester Supreme Court, Truro, January 29, 1855. Alexander Campbell, Plaintiff vs. William Bell, Defendant - to be sold at public auction 100 acres of land. Signed by Sheriff Charles Blanchard and Adams G. Archibald, Attorney of the Admrs. of Plantiff. 1999.94.5
William Henry Harris fonds
Fonds · 1919 - 1947
Fonds comprises correspondence (primarily postcards) relating to Harris's positions as High Sheriff and chief returning officer. MS-2-149
Joseph Simpson Harris fonds
Fonds · 1872 - 1928
Fonds comprises writs of execution, auction registers, papers regarding the barque Redento (1895), and correspondence (primarily postcards) reflecting Harris's work as High Sheriff for Pictou County. MS-2-147