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Fonds · [ca.1980-2011]
Fonds consists of records of the Lake Charlotte Area Heritage Society, including records related to Memory Lane Heritage Villages planning and establishment; board and committee records, marketing, membership and community fundraising, institutional funding, research and interpretation, Memory Lane Heritage Village operation, Eastern Shore Archives, events, bound plans and proposals, oral histories, and audiovisual material. Accession number: 2010.014, 2012.017
Lena Ferguson fonds
Fonds · 1974-2001
Fonds consists of approximately 137 hours of oral history interviews conducted by Lena Ferguson. Most interviewees were residents of the Eastern Shore region of Halifax County, particularly the Chezzetcook area. Interview topics include genealogy, local industries, occupations, music, shipping, community life, traditions, and folklore. In addition to interviews, the creator recorded school reunions, concerts, weddings, and church anniversaries. Several paper transcripts are included as well as scrapbooks featuring articles written by Lena and other newspaper articles regarding the Chezzetcook area. 2019.014
Série organique · 1962-1974
Fait partie de Garth M. Hosking General Store fonds
Series forms part of Garth M. Hosking General Store fonds and consists of four inventories of the store’s stock. Two inventories are dated to 1962, one is dated 1974, and one is undated. Accession number: 2003.011
Receipt books
Série organique · 1960
Fait partie de John M. Homans, General Merchant fonds
Series forms part of the John Homans, General Merchant fonds and consists of two receipt books recording store sales from 1960. Accession number: 2009.039
John Hart fonds
Fonds · 1954-1959
Fonds consists of one account book.
Catalogues and publications
Série organique · 1949-1965
Fait partie de Garth M. Hosking General Store fonds
Series forms part of Garth M. Hosking General Store fonds and consists of product catalogues, suggested retail price lists, order forms, and trade catalogues. Supplier catalogues and price lists from Martin-Senour, Bolands, C-V Paint and Varnish, and Sportswear Specialties. Trade magazines include Autobody, General Motors, CIL Oval, Maritime Merchant and Service Garage. Some catalogues and publications are probably related to Hosking’s Garage. Accession number: 2003.011
Pièce · 1945
Item consists of one memo or paid receipt of fish purchased by W. & C. H. Mitchell, Limited, of Halifax, from C. Bayers on October 16, 1945. The fish included cod and Pollock and the memo includes their sale prices. There are notes written on the back of the memo including math equations and a list of items. Accession number: 2013.014
Receipts and licenses
Série organique · 1944-1953
Fait partie de Wallace Russell fonds
Series consists of eight receipts belonging to Wallace Russell that include purchases made at Parker’s General Store in Owl’s Head and John M. Homans General Store in Clam Harbour between 1944 and 1953. Also includes three receipts for product (likely lobster) sold on account of Wallace Russell by Nickerson and Hyde Commission Merchants in Boston in 1944. Two of the latter receipts have letters written on the back from Maurice Nickerson to Wallace Russell regarding lobster sales. Series also includes one private receiving station license from the Department of Transport—Telecommunications Division for Wallace Russell dated 1951-1952. S1
Fonds · 1939-1943
Fonds consists of financial records of St. John's Anglican Church, Oyster Pond, N.S., and includes a book listing donations received by the church with the names of the donors, collections information, records of money received from hall rentals, and other income sources. The book also records money paid to the minister and other miscellaneous expenses for the years 1941 to 1943. Some transactions and calculations are also recorded on loose sheets of paper. Also included are receipts from wholesale merchant P.H. Weary for hardware, oil, and other supplies, as well as a 1940 tax notice and receipt from the Municipality of the County of Halifax and a note requesting payment of insurance fees. 2010.007
Pièce · 1938
This history is a discrete item and was written by Clare Palmer in 1938 when she was about thirteen years old. It was likely part of a school assignment as there appears to be a comment written by the teacher on the last page. In his or her comment the teacher praises the value of the information provided by Clare and suggests that she donate it to the public archives. This handwritten, handmade history book is based on information provided by Mr. George Marks, Mrs. Bruce Marks, and Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Marks, whose contribution is acknowledged by Clare at the outset of her work. Her history includes chapters on the first settlers, the growth of the settlement, Ship Harbour industries, schools, transportation, churches, food, clothing, and lights; amusements, public buildings, prominent people, nature, and a final chapter that discusses Nichol Island and Wolfe Point as well as the origin of the name “Ship Harbour.” The book includes three hand drawn maps: one of Ship Harbour that features dwellings, G. L Monk’s store and mill, the J. L. factory, and the chapel; a second map depicting early roads in the area in 1863 as well as a ferry; and one small map of Nichol Island. The second last page also includes a photograph of the lighthouse at Wolfe Point on Nichol Island, which is were Clare lived with her family in the lightkeeper’s house. The book also includes two newspaper clippings, one about Daniel Weeks and one about the 50th anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Addington Marks which includes a picture. Accession number: 2013.013