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              Series · 1941-1945, predominant 1942-1944
              Part of E.J. Webber fonds
              Series forms part of the E.J. Webber fonds and consists of records related to Webber’s activities as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 2nd Reserve Battalion Halifax Rifles during World War II. Series includes documents related to Webber’s training as an officer, as well as instructions on training others including booklets, manuals, memorandums, notes, an examination sheet, and other material. This includes copies of the Canadian Army Training Memorandum, which was a series of pamphlets published on a monthly basis from 1941 to 1945 which were intended to be distributed among all Canadian officers who were serving domestically. The memorandums featured articles and information on various aspects of military life and training. Series also includes issues of War and Current Affairs, a series of booklets issued by the British Army Bureau of Current Affairs; issues of Canadian Affairs, a series of booklets issued by the Canadian Wartime Information Board; and an issue of The Maple Leaf, a newspaper issued to Canadian soldiers. Also included in the series are forms and correspondence related to travelling expense claims for bus trips to Sheet Harbour for officer training classes and for trips to Musquodoboit Harbour and Ship Harbour to supervise training detachments. In addition, series includes a certificate authorizing Webber to be an official Royal Canadian Air Force Aircraft Detection Corps observer, an instruction sheet issued by a superior officer, forms, maps, a postcard, and other material. 2009.045
              Account books
              Series · 1896-1905
              Part of George L. Monk fonds
              Series consists of three account books that reflect the retail transactions of Monk’s store. Two account books include indexes.
              Annabel (Siteman) Ells fonds
              Fonds · [ca. 1900-1969]
              The fonds consists of records accumulated by Annabel (Siteman) Ells during the course of her research on the area of Ship Harbour and the families who lived there as well as personal records created and accumulated throughout her lifetime. The fonds includes a wide variety of records such as land related documents, wills, Loyalist petitions, census information, court papers, church registers and vital statistics including marriage, birth, and death records; school papers, genealogies, clippings and notes taken from various newspapers and periodicals, photographs and negatives, correspondence, postcards, and diaries. The records within the fonds shed light on the history of Ship Harbour and its families, the work of Annabel Ells, her personal life from a young girl growing up on the Eastern Shore to travelling as a young woman and attending school, entering into various careers, living as an independent woman in the early 20th century, her marriage later in life and her lifelong interest in her Ship Harbour home. Accession number 2013.066
              Series · 1786-1861, [copied 1949-1958]
              Part of Annabel (Siteman) Ells fonds
              Series forms part of the Annabel (Sitman) Ells fonds and consists of information from census records collected and copied by Annabel Ells as well as court papers. Documents include census abstracts for Ship Harbour, Shoal Bay, Little Harbour, Pope’s Harbour, Clam Harbour, Tangier, Owl’s Head, and Mushaboom as well as census records listing heads of families for Districts 26 and 27 including Pope’s Harbour, East Ship Harbour, Jeddore, Clam Harbour, and Little Harbour. Also included are notes on Electoral District 24-26 with voter lists. Court papers include abstracts from Supreme Court records as well as individual cases that include such family names as Abbott, Bean, Blakely (Blakeney), Curry, Den, Eisan, Lessee, Marks, Merryweather, Murphy, O’ Brien, Reardon, Rennels, Robson, Shellnutt, Silver, Siteman, Stoddard, Sutherland, Thorogood, Tucker, and Weaver (Webber). Accession number: 2013.066
              Charles Henry Webber fonds
              Fonds · 1894
              Fonds contains an indenture between Catherine and Lawrence Marks and Charles Webber to purchase land in Clam Harbour, the will and probate of Maria Elizabeth Mitchell (Charles' mother-in-law), a photograph of the Mitchell home in Oyster Pond; and several letters. Accession number: 2004.009
              Series · 1769-1952, [copied 1950-1962]
              Part of Annabel (Siteman) Ells fonds
              Series forms part of the Annabel (Siteman) Ells fonds and consists of information from church records and vital statistics gathered by Annabel Ells during the course of her research. Included are marriage, birth, and death records, registers, and cemetery listings from various churches and parishes. Records include parish registers from St. Matthew’s and the parishes of Ship Harbour and Sheet Harbour, historical notes from St. George’s Church in Halifax, notes from The Presbyterian Witness, records related to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, sketches of saints’ lives, letters and journal extracts of Bishop Charles Inglis, and other religious records. Also included is a census of Loyalist settlers at Ship Harbour who came with Capt. Thomas Green, various obituaries, a memorial of Henry Siteman, and correspondence between the Bishop of Nova Scotia and Rev. John Stevenson. Accession number: 2013.066
              Community history
              Series · 1973-1975
              Part of Eastern Shore District High School fonds
              Series forms part of the Eastern Shore District High School fonds and consists of essays written by students pertaining to the history of different areas along the Eastern Shore. Areas included are Bayers Settlement, Chezzetcook, Clam Harbour, Gaetz Brook, Jeddore, Lake Charlotte, Upper Lakeville, Lake Echo, Little Harbour, Musquodoboit Harbour, Ostrea Lake, Petpeswick, Porters Lake, and Ship Harbour. The essays feature topics such as occupations, industries, sports, electricity, tools, education, transportation, census information, the early mail run, the general history of the area and its inhabitants as well as changes that have occurred over the years. Included in the series is the draft of the publication, The Shore Thing, which was a compilation of selected essays from the grade ten local history projects in 1974 to 1975. In addition to the essays, the publication contains jokes, recipes, puzzles and stories. There is also a photocopied picture of ice houses in Lake Banook and a photocopied article about the vessel, Fleur de Lis.
              Series forms part of Eastern Shore Seaside Park System Citizen's Representative Committee fonds and consists of Committee correspondence. Most correspondence is between the Committee Chairman and provincial government officials, and relates to enquiries and concerns of the Committee on the planning and development of the Park, and the Committee's ongoing role therein. Series also contains correspondence between Committee members and other interested parties, and copies of correspondence between external parties on topics of interest to the Committee. Included is a small amount of copies of correspondence between the Association for Preservation of the Eastern Shore and other external parties. In addition, series contains other documents associated with the correspondence or of interest to the Committee, including meeting agendas and minutes; copies of a 1937 deed; and copies of documents related to the earlier Ship Harbour National Park proposal.
              Series · 1881-1956
              Part of Annabel (Siteman) Ells fonds
              Series forms part of the Annabell (Sitman) Ells fonds and consists of correspondence with Mr. and Mrs. John O. Siteman, Hugh Fraser Siteman, and various other correspondents. Like many people in the early 1900s, Annabel collected postcards. The series includes a number of postcards depicting German soldiers and other German photographs written between 1910 and 1920 and predominantly written in German. Series also contains a large number of postcards sent to and from Annabel Ells from Boston, California, Scotland and other locations as well as other miscellaneous letters and cards from various individuals including correspondence with clients for whom Annabel was conducting research and responses from people to whom she had made genealogical inquiries. Also includes a list of the negatives held by NSARM and a piece of the wedding dress of John Siteman’s first wife Susan which was found in an envelope addressed to him in the Magdalene Islands a year after their marriage. Accession number: 2013.066
              Series · 1897-1898
              Part of George L. Monk fonds
              Series consists of letters written to and by George L. Monk. Most correspondence is with wholesalers and reflects Monk’s business activities.